K N O W    Y O U R    T O W N    D I R E C T O R Y  


Since the 1980's Westonites have been making sure to dispose of household hazardous waste material safely!



In the first historic district in Weston...and just some history itself:
Left to right:  Jarvis Military Academy, Town Hall, Town Hall addition (Commission Room), Weston Library (viewed in previous photo as a reflection).  Next, the main firehouse.  And then the new Lyons Plains Fire House.

Memorable views...and the Lachat Town Farm Commission
And the Juliana Lachat Preserve, purchased by the Town of Weston and its equal partner, The Nature Conservancy--not in the historic district, but on Godfrey Road.  Lachat back in the news in 2012 as agreement is revised and approved by two Special Town Meetings.  New Committee(s) formed for preservation and repair of the Lachat Farmhouse and other new uses of the property.  Photo of the Saugatuck Reservoir when almost full...

School Road (Board of Education)...the map of 2001 Referendum projects:  Although funding was not there to light the football field and the new track, 2014 saw the community come up with its own funding, "lighting the way" for "Friday Night" Lights (r).

P&Z meets at Town Hall Annex
Town Hall Annex (also Board of Education Headquarters' annex and regional police activities).  The schools, all on School Road - will they undergo realignment with school population, or not?  Left to right:  Weston Intermediate School, Weston High School, Weston Middle
School (where the Town votes each November), Hurlbutt Elementary School Core Building and the football field and really cool track!  New Booster Barn (not shown) open for business!!!  And did we mention the awesome "Friday Night Lights?"  Soccer field lighted too!

Facilities;  DPW in middle.
The tertiary treatment plant for some of school road activities (not Hurlbutt);  the Department of Public Works on Old Hyde Road.  Single-stream Recycling (r), Transfer Station panorama (Godfrey Road) above, right.  STORM WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

Weston at play!  Day or night (see right)!
(L-R) Morehouse Farm Park, for active recreation, Saugatuck Reservoir for fishing, and just looking. The Weston Volunteer Fire Department organizes Memorial Day Parade;  Revson Field; Football field and track now lit, as already mentioned - but not after accomodating neighbors..