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Board of Selectmen "monitoring" notes consist of recording actions and appointments (needed for revisions to on-line "Know Your Town") as well as reporting each season on actions, dates/times of meetings in  Budget Process;  Charter Revision approved Nov. 4, 2014.


November 3, 2015 Election: 
Weston LWV holds early debates Oct. 17 (Saturday) and shown above was the opening debate for First Selectman (Gayle and Nina) and f
ull Board of Selectmen - adding Selectman candidates as shown above (Dennis and Chris).  Below is the two person debate for the two-year seat on Board of Finance (Bob and Sarah).  Lachat was mentioned several times to more than one board.

And last, but not least, after lunch, was the Board of Education debate (five candidates for four seats).


Weston Library Community Room was filled - S.R.O. - and actually that was one of the questions  - so what's with the S.R.O. ("School Resource Officer")?  A different meaning altogether!

What was the "hot" issue this year?  In Weston, planning is taken very seriously.  League notes that our Observer Corps has been using the Town of Weston and Board of Education channels during difficult snow events.

Read about what happened at "Speak Up"  here


LWV of Weston hosted a debate for the open CT Senate seat in the 28th District - video links can be found here


League reports that the Senior Activity Center has perhaps doubled in size and is"open for business" as a venue for art exhibits in 2015!


LWV of Weston videotapes A.C.A. tutorial Nov. 23, 2013   Backup materials here.

Saturday October 12 - Board of Education and Judge of Probate - WATCH THEM ONLINE HEREWednesday October 23 beginning at 7:30pm - Board of Finance and Planning and Zoning

"Sunshine" means watching Charter Revision in summer.  WARNING:  Not on ballot Nov. 5 - Selectmen's "Question and Answer Session" Oct. 17 at 6:30pm-7:30pm

Charles Daugherty mural in Commission Room is a comment on this.

Weston Library Community Room worked really, really well for re-scheduled Speak Up!  Picture story here.

HARD (Budget) CHOICES AHEAD:  Simpson-Bowles (A Framework for Change)
Watch this event online here only!  Thank you Congressman Himes for coming to LWV of Weston!
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New mini-study in the wind, no pun intended?  Party afterward was just what the doctor ordered for the community members attending!

Weston gets a new Charter Nov. 6, 2012...explanationhere.  LWV "Town Affairs Update" report!

Bd of Selectmen 6-7-12 recognizes Special Olympics; Bike-Ped Day Sept. 9 (r).
SELECTMEN'S PUBLIC HEARING ON NEW CHARTER JUNE 14, 2012:  Action taken on June 21 to request change to separate Town from Capital budgets in Referendum.  Charter Revision Commission has last meeting July 10, 2012 at 8pm in Town Hall. The Charter Revision Commission met Tuesday at Town Hall for the last time. Their terms of office run until August 1, 2012.

Selectmen's Public Hearing on new proposed Charter June 14, 2012 at 7:30PM, Town Hall Meeting Room - Charter Revision Commission PH (r)
Previous charter above, left.  League not invited for interview during this process (as it historically has been) - but then, three of the seven members were from the LWV of Weston's Study Group, disbanded when the Charter Revision Commission was formed.  The League OBSERVER CORPS attended every meeting but one drafting session, and Weston FORUM printed the Commission report of proposed changes before the Charter Revision Commission's Public Hearing.

Ken Edgar Citizen of the Year, award from Police Commission (Chair. Rick Phillip);  Public Hearing on new Charter April 25th
ATBM over in a flash!  Maybe an hour?  (89 people attended) - Referendum April 12  More turned out for Referendum - 364

LWV of Weston 21st Annual SPEAK UP!!!
Some tense questions about 1)interference with Police business,  2)form of Regional Planning Organization (i.e. taking power from the individual towns) and 3)warning to not consider poor attendance on an informational session to mean no interest by populace;  difference of opinion between Selectmen over issue of regionalism (not shown), 4)update on Charter Revision.  To be televised and made available online...soon.  See picture essay here.

Special Town Meeting Jan. 19, 2012 (l) says "Yes." Happy New Year;  Lachat again (l), this time with P&Z OK.  
Selectmen get news Jan. 19 of CT 911 regionalization proposals;  Town TV policy approved;  Legal Review Mission Statement for 2012.

What didn't the Board of Selectmen deal within a 28-item Special Meeting Agenda Dec. 14, 2011? Pledge of Allegience? Yes.  Appointsments?  Reappointments?  Resignation?  Yes.  Road acceptance?  Yes.  Government Access rules?  Yes.  Transfer of funds?  Yes.   Open Items including the most open one of all, Revson Field (runoff)?  Yes.  Minutes' approval?  Yes.  League Observer was surprised the meeting finished before 11pm - in fact, it was over before 10pm!!!

Followed a few days later by AFTER THE STORM Forum on Demand which offered the people of Weston an opportunity to share their ideas with the assembled panel

Scene is familiar...another vote on Lachat...Town gets fields and buildings, Conservancy gets woods (actually, there is a stone wall that defines the boundaries, believe it or not! 
And another informational sesson first, as the LWV of Weston has demanded (and thanks to the political structure, in both Parties, the League point has been addressed - in this case, a quick "informational session" prior to a Special Town Meeting to approve leases between the Town and the Nature Conservancy).  Now only P&Z has to approve it, post-Town Meeting...

Charter Revision continues...LWV of Weston submits comments something like these;  second public hearing report makes September the month for official input;  Board of Selectmen met July 21, 2011.  New revised leases between N.C. and Town of Weston;  ideas for Lachat...Special Town Meeting coming October 20 at 7pm (with info session, not public hearing, first) on revised Lachat contracts.

Farmer's Market gets P&Z fees paid in part by Selectmen for Special Permit application; fireworks at reappointments for Building Committee.

CT SPECIAL SESSION OVER:  Balance the budget done by a combination of new powers to the Governor and move cuts to CT employees;  but unions get until September before staffing cuts effective.  Budget balanced NOT on the backs of cities and towns, after all (call of the meeting specified 2% cut of aid to towns).  At right, Legislative Wrap Up, June 11, 2011 - report from Weston's legislators on how things went and what was accomplished this Long Session.  THIS IS THE SAME ROOM WHERE THE CHARTER REVISION COMMISSION WILL MEET SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011, 1PM - On the Town website, it is  NOT INDICATED AS BEING ON TOWN TV.- LWV OF WESTON OBSERVER OUT OF STATE.  In case there was a change of heart, OBSERVER has set VCR to record!  League website has new sub-page on Charter Revision 2011.

"Select Committee on Charter Revision" appointed for a year.  Referendum says "yes, yes, no" to Town and School Budgets and 8-24$$ to continue with the idea of a town cemetery.  Selectmen vote unamimously to form 7 member Charter Review Committee at May 5, 2011 meeting.  Most recent Charter Revision 2003.  What did they come up with?

SPEAK UP 2011 MARCH 12, 2011 AT THE WESTON LIBRARY COMMUNITY ROOM WAS A WINNER!  Board of Finance Public Hearing runs longer than usual.   Deliberation meeting March 24.
What's the latest on the Referendum?  We found out.  What should we be concerned about when it comes to our municiple financial picture?  No one asked - they had their own suggestions...link here to video

Board of Selectmen
Feb. 17, 2011 notes;  ditto for Feb. 3, 2011:  Revson STEAP grant OK'd, Library news, Referendum finalized post ATBM for FY2012 Budget more here

Board of Selectmen meet in the first week of January 2011, approve $1600 for Cemetery Committee presentation for the community, Valley Forge Bridge to be finished 3rd week in February IF no snow delays...  Board of Education meets December 20, 2010 in Weston Library Community Room, on Town TV, to cover many issues: search being conducted by the team above left, which includes on the left, a former Interim Superintendent (2001) who knows the Weston community.  Now that Library Roof project is into December (next photo) and the front side, slowdown in work as the rains/snow come, or will we be lucky?

"What Happened While You Were Away" - Selectmen approve budget schedule at Nov. 4, 2010 meeting.

Hold the phone - Board of Education, after lock out, revotes 4-3 in favor, after heavy pressure.  Board of Selectmen takes no further action on salary issue re:  Board of Education.  BOARD OF EDUCATION MONDAY, AUG. 23, 2010, Weston Library Community Room, public session 7:30p.m.   Vote taken was bipartisan affirmation of original vote supporting the salary increases to top administrators.  The "yes" votes were:  Uzenoff, Wolf, Stack and Levin; "no" votes by Bochinski, Harvey and Schaefer.  Prior to the vote on the main motion, an amendment was offered to change the decision re:  reduce Superintendent's salary increase, to 4%.  This went down to defeat 5-2.

(l) Bd of Ed "lock-out" during 2 executive sessions Aug. 4, 2010.  Bd of Selectmen scolds Board of Education August 5th.

Report from the LWV of Weston "action agenda"...

Observer Corps invites you to read the text of TOWN PLAN OF C&D 2010 

Joint Boards of Selectmen, Finance and Education meet to get started on next year's budget assumptions - by going over how they think the last year went!  Because of the Referendum on the bottom line of both Town and School operating budgets in April 2010, some wonder if a Charter Revision might be in order...others point out that better planning, considering that it is intended to have a similar Referendum next year, it will be possible to work things out more gracefully.  From the League's pamphlet on the Budget Process:

Countdown to the Annual Town Budget Meeting (ATBM)
All Town Agency Meetings mentioned below (Boards, Commissions and Committees) are open to the public.

In late November the Board of Education invites public input as the budget assumptions and enrollment projections are discussed.
Before January 14th, citizens may submit suggested additions for the First Selectman's budget to the Town Administrator. All Town Agencies except the Board of Education submit estimates to the First Selectman. The Board of Education, in early January "review" meetings, adopts its budget; after this time the school budget cannot be raised.
By January 14 proposed Capital Budget items must be submitted.  For complete details of the budget process, see the Town Charter and the Moderator's Handbook, available at Town Hall.
By February 3rd the Board of Education submits a preliminary budget to the First Selectman.  Prior to this time, the Board of Education has approved its own budget. ONCE PASSED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION, THE SCHOOL BUDGET CANNOT BE RAISED.
By February 10th the First Selectman presents the proposed Town Budget to the Board of Selectmen.  (REMINDER:  THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN HAS NO POWER TO REDUCE THE EDUCATION BUDGET BY CHARTER)...
By February 25th the Board of Selectmen presents the proposed preliminary Town Budget to the Board of Finance. After this time, the Selectmen's budget cannot be raised. Changes desired by the Board of Selectmen to the budget proposal of the Board of Education can be in the form of a recommendation only.

In early March, the Board of Finance reviews the Town Budget.  THE BOARD OF EDUCATION'S BUDGET WILL BE REVIEWED...
In late March or early April--at least two weeks before the Annual Town Budget Meeting (ATBM)...
The Board of Finance holds one or more Public Hearings on the Board of Education Budget, the Selectmen's Budget and the Capital Budget.  After Public Hearing (s), the Board of Finance may "revise" any budget line as it deems advisable.  This has been traditionally been interpreted as "reduce".

At least five days before the Annual Town Budget Meeting notice of the "call" of ATBM is published in a local newspaper and copies of the proposed Town Budget and tax rate are available at the Town Clerk's Office.
No later than April 22nd the Annual Town Budget Meeting (8pm to no later than 11:30pm [8:30pm to no later than 11pm]--if business is not concluded before 11:30pm[11pm], ATBM reconvenes the following night [s]). After ten days, if there has been no challenge, the budget is deemed adopted. The ATBM can only APPROVE or REDUCE any line item proposed by the Board of Finance.

Budget Challenge Procedures...before and after the ATBM...
Get a copy of the LWV of Weston pamphlet at the Town Clerk's Office--this is really complicated!!!  No matter how it happens--either before or after the Annual Town Budget Meeting--a challenge "to the machines" to vote in private on the budget will always require a return to Town Meeting...which has the final word!  See Charter Revision Commission'a now approved changes (#2 and #3).

Special Appropriation Procedures After ATBM
Additional Appropriations - Up to $5000 for any agency may be made by the Board of Selectmen. Total for all agencies not to exceed $50,000 per year.
Supplemental Appropriations - May be made by the Board of Selectmen with the approval of the Board of Finance, provided the total sum does not exceed 2% of the current tax levy in any fiscal year.
Extraordinary Appropriations - May be applied for by any town agency to both the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance.  If not approved by either Board, the agency may request a Special Town Meeting. At such Town Meeting a minimum of 10% of qualified town voters is required to take action. A majority of that 10% is required to pass the extraordinary expense.  If a petition for a machine vote (Ct. General Statutes Section 7.7 required 200 signatures) is filed against the Call of such Town Meeting, after discussion, the Town Meeting is adjourned and a machine vote is held not less than 7 or more than 14 days thereafter. A majority of 10% of all qualified voters is needed to pass the appropriation.

Same picture different link!  Joint Selectmen-Planning and Zoning PublicHearing on the new DRAFT Town Plan 2010 Monday, May 10, 2010 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room - how did it go?  Read about it here!

Results of Referendum here:  at community discussion meeting prior to Board of Selectmen May 6, 2010, civil crowd gains assurance that there will be a well planned budget process FY'12 which will include private ballot.  Photo above of the 2003 Charter Revision Commission at work. Previously...ATBM Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 8pm, WHS auditorium.  Petition succeeds and there will be an adjournment to a referendum on the bottom line of the Town and School budgets on Thursday, April 15, 2010 from 6am to 8pm in the WMS Gym. Absentee ballots available soon.

Special Town Meeting, Tuesday, March 23 at 7pm, W.M.S. cafeteria (same day as Board of Finance  Public Hearing on the FY2011 budget which begins at 8pm, same location);  Preceded by an informational "PUBLIC HEARING" on Monday, May 15 at 7pm for est. $6.5 million worth of new bonds...Special Board of Selectmen at 7:30pm - both televised on channel 79 from the Town Hall Meeting Room...

Joint Meeting of P&Z and Selectmen Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room.  Board of Selectmen votes warnng of Special Town Meeting March 23rd at 7pm, WMS cafeteria (prior to 8pm Board of Finance PUBLIC HEARING on the FY11 budget.

Speak Up 2010 goes off without a hitch!
Big week of meetings coming up:  Tuesday, Selectmen vote of their budget and forward the Board of Education budget to the Board of Finance;  Thursday a joint meeting of the Boards of Finance and Selectmen OK's a heart&hypertension award negotiation, discusses refinancing debt and new bond issue;  report on investments.  REMEMBER THE REALLY BIG BOND ISSUE?  Now the Middle School Roof is leaking...Feb. 25, 2010  Board of Selectmen sets dates for Special Town Meeting and informal public hearing.


Public Hearings on Fuel Efficient cars and Tax Relief for the Elderly - action on Fuel Efficient cars, Tax Relief next meeting;  other items done except for Valley Forge Bridge awarding of contract January 7, 2010.  Next up "Joint Meeting" Selectmen/Board of Finance  Jan. 26, 2010 (within the Special Selectmen's meeting agenda) - subject:  bonding for Middle School Roof and perhaps more.

Special Town Meeting on Food Pantry Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 at 7pm, Town Hall Meeting Room, then...Special Meeting Nov. 19, 2009 on Heart and Hypertension claim;  Regular Meeting Nov. 19, 2009 - agenda here.   December meetings 3rd and special on the 9th were devoted to reappointments and contested appointments to Boards and Commissions. 


DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT - VOTE ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD FROM 6AM TO 8PM, WMS GYM;  SPECIAL MEETING:  Monday, November 9, 2009 at 7:30pm, W.H.S. Conference Room;  Boards of Selectmen/ Education/ Finance discussing the Budget 2010-2011.

Special Board of Selectmen, Wednesday, September 30, 2009 - Food Pantry.  Regular Board of Selectmen to OK Food Pantry lease at next meeting after long discussion; votes to invest up to $4 million in "risky" instruments ("risk" being a relative term here).  Photo of the agenda item above and action link here.

Board of Selectmen have a special meeting August 13, 2009 - among other things, interview for Board of Ethics;  notes here.  Regular Selectmen's meeting on September 3...fuel cell gets less support than solar panels (Board of Finance approved solar panels funding after protracted discussion.).  Special Selectmen's meeting September 11 at 11am, Town Hall, to vote on CL&P $$ for necessary study - did so (after Board of Finance had acted first and approved unanimolusly, noting they hoped Selectmen could get study waived.).

Board of Selectmen met Thursday, July 23rd.  Roads, bridges, Booster Barn and questions re: do you believe town staff or neighbors?

CAUCUS-TIME FOR BOTH PARTIES - GOP on Tuesday (Dan Gilbert) and Democrats Wednesday.  RESULTS HERE.

AT THE SELECTMEN:  Fireworks on July 9th in Weston?  YOU BET!  TOWN MEETING SAYS "A-2 Survey to P&Z or no OK at another  8-24 on Valley Forge Bridge";  June 4 - Connecticut Innovations, Clean Air Fund, grant agreement approved for Sustainibility Committee

Multi Board Public Meeting coming up Monday, May 11, 2009 at 7pm at the Weston High School Conference Room to discuss among Education/Selectmen/Finance boards the budgets for FY'2010 with a "look ahead" to FY2011; ATBM April 21, 2009 at 8pm, WHS Auditorium...which looked great--read about how the process has gone so far here (non-LWV website)!

The only empty seats were by the door - which turned out to be the place to be, as halfway into the 2hours plus meeting the fire alarms went off at WMS!  April 1 is the decision time for more cuts, then the Board of Selectmen will discuss how to get a secret ballot at ATBM.  SINCE BOARD OF FINANCE MADE CUT TO "ZERO" ON SCHOOL BUDGET APRIL 1, unlikely that there will be action at ATBM.

NATURAL RESOURCES TEAM of P&Z meets openly for public input at Weston Library  March 25.    Selectmen question Assessor, discuss how to have a secret ballot on the budget at ATBM.  March 19 Selectmen's meeting notes.

Read the Weston FORUM reports of how the Board of Finance questioned the Selectmen and the Board of Education.

Get out the bookkeeper's  green eye-shade:  First Selectman's Budget at the Board of Selectmen Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 3&4, 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room.  Vote scheduled for Feb. 12 meeting.  "Speak Up 2009" was all about money or the lack of it - link here to read about it and watch the video!  More than 200 citizens showed up to ask their elected and appointed officials 18 questions, 10 of which were school-related.  AND WHAT A SUCCESS SPEAK UP 2009 WAS - 200+ WESTONITES GOT  A LOAD OFF THEIR MIND RE: THE ECONOMY, AND THE SELECTMEN FOLLOWED UP BY CUTTING THE FIRST SELECTMAN'S BUDGET TO "ZERO" INCREASE THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY!

Selectmen's Jan. 8, 2009 agenda included two executive sessions - one in the beginning and one at the end!  New Fire House exempted from permit, plus 16 appointments, reappointments and/or resignations.  Board of Education Budget Workshop #1 Monday, January 12, 2009 at the Library at 7-9pm;  after more workshops and Board discussion, Superintendent's budget became the Board's budget PLUS funds for Girl's Gymnastics (after reducing "Mile of Safety" number at Chief Troxell's request) on January 20th.

WARNING:  Special Joint Meeting of Selectmen, Finance and Education Boards Tuesday, December 2, 2008 at 7:30pm (on Town TV) - more to come, including photos, but let it be known that the meeting became an exercise in closed door discussions of legal matters for the first 90 minutes, and then 90 minutes more of open discussion among the three boards (full attendance by all).  And Thursday, December 4th, the Regular Selectmen's meeting OK's tower contract for 2 more providers at the Transfer Station.

Board of Selectmen, Thursday, Nov. 6, set agenda for budget process 2009-2010.  Special P&Z meetings on Town Plan update to be observed.

Special Town Meeting votes "yes" to rebuilding Lyons Plains Fire Station Oct. 16 in record time!  Board of Selectmen the same evening gets thru agenda and adds two items plus an executive session in record time.   Selectmen ask for and receive LWV information about  ballot question (Constitutional Convention).

Special Board of Selectmen hearing on employee firing precedes Board of Selectmen's meeting October 2, 2008 (beginning at 6pm - Selectmen only began their meeting at 9:20pm).  "Breaking News" from the FORUM reports that by a 2-0 vote, Finance Dept. employee dismissed.  League OBSERVER notes that Selectperson Weinstein strongly stated that "she was troubled" by some of the facts in the case, although the FORUM did not elect to quote her.

According to the FORUM:  "...After both sides of the case were presented, Mr. Bliss noted that Ms. Rende was a good employee but concurred with Mr. Landry that she had authorized payment to herself for sick and vacations day to which she wasn’t entitled, and that she had arbitrarily changed the town’s personnel policy, awarding sick days to employees in advance instead of in arrears.  Mr. Bliss and Ms. Weinsten unanimously voted to approve Mr. Landry's termination recommendation.  In a related matter, Ms. Rende filed a complaint with the State of Connecticut Labor Department against the town, claiming there has been an effort to undermine the town hall union and its president. A preliminary hearing on that matter will be held at town hall on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 2 p.m." 

The FORUM confirmed on Tuesday morning, Oct. 7 that the preliminary hearing had been postponed.

No Board of Selectmen Special Meeting August 19, 2008. September 4  Board of Selectmen OK's limited tax break for fuel efficient cars 2-1 along Party lines.  Board of Selectmen agenda September 18, 2008 includes final discussion/decision on Select Committee for Legal Review report.

Board of Selectmen Public Hearing Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 7pm, Town Hall Meeting Room, on Fuel Efficient Cars and veterans' relief - at regular meeting that followed, the Selectmen voted for Town Hall Roof replacement approval, OK'd high school auditoium contract, discussed drainage repair, reverse 9-11, did many reappointments; hired new Communications Center director/

Special Board of Selectmen Wednesday at 7pm before the Public Hearing at the Historic District Commission at 8pm (item #3 on the agenda) - Selectmen will go across the parking lot at 8:30pm, approx. - Historic District votes 4-0 with one abstention against asphalt shingles for the old section of Town Hall closest to the road.  Another Special Board of Selectmen meeting, this time Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 8pm with an executive session first--which lasted for 2 hours - then record short meeting!!!  No action taken on Historic District decision options.

Special and Regular Board of Selectmen meetings on June 19, 2008 covered many topics.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 7:30P.M. in the Weston Middle School Cafeteria - "YES" is the roar of approval
Both questions in the call are approved by one voice voteThree speakers address some questions:  need for insurance to use auditorium by outside groups (Board of Education will take this under advisement);  why the O.P.E.B. funding was not in the just approved budget (it was for the $$ immediately due--this is for anticipated liabilities) and will the new auditorium have ability to video or show live events (such as political debates--taken under advisement, too)?

Special Board of Selectmen, Tuesday, June 3, 2008, including Public Hearing on land use related fees - report here - news that architect of addition may be at the next Selectmen's meeting to discuss some of the recommendations re: roof repair to Town Hall;
Special Board of Selectmen/Finance Meeting Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 7:30PM in the Town Hall Meeting Room OK's Auditorium and OPEB for Special Town Meeting

STOP THE PRESSES!!!  Selectmen add item to May 22, 2008 agenda to NOT move ahead with Town Hall Roof repair, deciding unanimously that they do not want to spend the money on slate for the original section - THEY WANT ANOTHER PUBLIC HEARING FOR ASPHALT SHINGLES ONLY AT THE HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION...Town Hall photo ( January 2008) of buckets from the Forum.  Note the bucket increase is approx. one per month.

Historic District Commission says "no" to request by Selectmen (4-0) for "certificate of appropriateness" of asphalt shingle.   Is this one issue that Town Meeting can do anything about?  Selectmen and Board of Finance then approve bid which will be in support of this project on Special Town Meeting now set for June 11 (Wednesday) at 7:30pm, location T.B.A..  What items will be included in the Call?  Auditorium renovation project, O.P.E.B. funds to be transferred.  What else? 

Annual Town Budget Meeting (A.T.B.M.) on April  21, 2008 - a Monday, at 8pm, Weston High School auditorium - no cuts.

Selectmen O.P.E.B. and Trust Fund put off, Senior Tax Freeze approved;  Board of Finance Public Hearing and "deliberation" over with no changes; Selectmen have long meeting April 24 covering many topics and it looks as if there will be a special town meeting before school is out to "spend down" part of the surplus.  A fine report from "Kids in Crisis" staff, some engineering, a little grantsmanship...

Board of Selectmen, Regular Meeting, 4th Thursday,.Feb. 28, 2008 at 7:30pm.  Agenda includes Aquarion discussion of use of old cemetery...Select Committee on Legal Review:  Thurday Feb. 28 they looked busy in the Commission Room, (photo above of the same room, but a previous Board of Education meeting) Thursday, March 13 they were again going at  it, hearing from a member of the Board of Selectmen;  Board and Commission Chairs. were being grilled (P&Z had finished and the Police Commission was on deck the evening of the 13th). when the League Observer passed by on the way to the Board of Finance - which made a decision about the surplus, approved O.P.E.B. Trust Fund (to be heard at the Board of Selectmen in a Public Hearing March 20 at 7pmBoard of Selectmen, April 3, 7pm for TAX FREEZE Public Hearing (in the Town Hall Meeting Room).

Special Board of Selectmen (2) and Regular Board of Selectmen Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 5, 6 and 7 reviewed First Selectman's Budget FY2009 - new Lyons Plain Firehouse, Kaestle Boos recommendations most significant.  Board of Education budget forwarded to Board of Finance with recommendation that the Board of Finance cut $200k (2-1 vote).-  No action taken on First Selectman's budget or Capital Budget.   S P E A K    U P   2 0 0 8  Sturday, Feb. 9 at 10:30am at Norfield...Special Board of Selectmen, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 9:30am Town Hall Commission Room - approval of First Selectman's budget (then it is referred to as the "Board of Selectmen's Budget"). NOT SO FAST...more discussion Special Board of Selectmen, Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008 at 2pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room.


Special Board of Selectmen, Friday at 4pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room re:  dismissing Director of Communications Center - continued to Monday, January 28, 2008 at 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room.  Continued to Monday, Jan. 28 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room, where after one hour the proceedings ended with a unanimous vote upon the First Selectman's motion to dismiss the Director of the Communications Center. 


THURSDAY, January 17, 2008 at 7pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room - NOTICE of  Special Town Meeting for reallocation of funds.  Read detailed call here.
Thursday, at 7:30pm, Regular Board of Selectmen--interviews for Select Committee for Legal Review, among other items (several on Cartbridge).   Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting Thursday, Jan. 24, 2008 at 11am in the Town Hall Meeting Room to act upon Select Committee for Legal Review "mission statement" possible revisions, determine size of Select Committee, then pick members out of the 17 who applied/not completed - adjourned for another day.


NOTICE:  Board of Selectmen unanimously approved changes to the Veterans' Exemption on Jan. 17.  Closed after less than one hour on Jan. 10, members of the Board of Finance in the audience; no broadcast on Town TV.  Full house - First Selectman on speakerphone - changes to Tax Relief for the Elderly and to the many-years not updated Veterans' Tax Exemption.

NOTE: this photo above from a January storm early in 2007.
Board of Finance meeting snowed out, held instead, Dec. 17 in the Town Hall Meeting Room.   Board of Selectmen met Dec. 20, 2007 - re-appointments (two-dozen), discussion re: date and time of 2-part Public Hearing--January 10, 2008 at 7pm in Town Hall Meeting Room, first, Veterans' Committee, then Commission on Aging re: changes in present programs plus new one;  Cemetery Committee recommends Lachat for Town cemetery;  Global Warming and discussion/decision regarding creation of a Select Committee for legal review created to serve until June 2008 (Town Attorney to check wording of revised "mission statement") for later action by Selectmen in January (Selectman Major recused himself).

Special Board of Selectmen Dec. 4, 2007, 7:30pm set January 17, 2008 at 7pm (location and Moderator unknown as of now) Special Town Meeting on reconfiguring the three-part Nov. 15, 2001 Referendum items.  Town Att'y reappointed but Select Committee to be set up to evaluate this position (?) - "mission Statement" to be developed for Dec. 20 Selectmen's meeting.  Plus reappointments, final steps to resolve contract negotiations, school administrators.  January 10 set for Public Hearing on changes to the offerings on tax relief under the supervision of the Commission On Aging;  changes to Veterans relief may be held at that time too...

Oath of Office Ceremony Nov. 15 at 7PM in the Town Hall Meeting Room.
Selectperson Weinstein asks that Selectman Major recuse himself from the rehiring of the Town Attorneys, then requests that the decision be put off for the next meeting...a sign of things to come?  Above is the old plan, and under "any other business" Selectman Major announces that progress is being made on the resolution of the Juliana Lachat Preserve redsign issues--it may be getting more modest!

LAST MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN (GROUP ELECTED FIRST IN 2001) AT RIGHT - "Let them eat cake" is NOT what retiring Selectman Richard Miller said!

Joint Public Hearing by P&Z and Conservation on Cartbridge replacement began Monday, October 22 at 7pm in the Town Hall Meeting Rom.  To continue on November 6, same venue.  Two ring circus at Town Hall, as both the Special Board of Finance meeting and the Joint Public Hearing of P&Z and Conservation Commissions take place beginning at 7pm.  Final Selectmen's Meeting of 2005-2007 term bring a REALLY good cake and a fond farewell to Richard Miller (not running for re-election).

WestonArts reports on seat campaign progress to date at Board of Selectmen on October 18, 2007;  discussion of stop signs, FAA air traffic plans, makes appointments to Board of Ethics and Commission for the Arts, approves minutes. 

Special Board of Selectmen October 9 at 2:30p.m. for Revson (on to Bd of Finance Oct. 11); and Oct. 4 at 6pm - agenda included appointment to fill P&Z vacancy, appointment to Police Commission, Historic District Commission; Cartbridge design choice and schedule for bridge-in-floodplain before Joint P&Z/Conservation; Revson.

Sept. 20 agenda featured prominently Lachat items plus Interfaith Housing special appropriation...Board of Selectmen notes;  Building Committee member Steve Ezzes first appearance at the August 22, 2007 meeting.  Not present September 5.

Special Board of Selectmen June 28 appoints to Police Commission, accepts resignation from Cemetery Committee, receives gifts and conducts Executive SessionBoard of Selectmen votes unanimously to rescind approval of nominee to Police Commission at July 12, 2007 meeting, moves ahead with Cartbridge repair (photo from FORUM)!  League Steering Committee gets ready for Fall Classic--better known as Election Day (Nov. 6)!  Board of Selectmen agenda August 16, 2007 includes, among other items, the Wells Hill Bridge in Easton - big turnout from both towns and First Selectman of Easton--upshot is that bridge resign is back to the drawing boards;  neighbors register concerns for traffic;  high school roof may be candidate for photovoltaic array (Building Committee proposal).

Board of Finance June 14, 2007 pays the last bills for Police Chief dismissal; votes 3-0-1 abstention to approve special appropriation for a $117,000 "Building Review" study.  Board of Selectmen, June 7, 2007 AGENDA;  Boards of Selectmen and Finance acted upon outgoing Police Chief agreement.  Special Town Meeting April 5, 2007, 7:15pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room on easements to get to Tower at the Transfer Station - followed by regular Board of Selectmens meeting at 7:30pm.  Board of Finance, April 12, 2007 8pm in Town Hall Meeting Room to set mill rate as part of regularly scheduled meeting.  Board of Selectmen, May 17, 2007, 7:30pm in Town Hall Meeting Room, to receive public comment on Valley Forge Bridge (not Cartbridge).  Agenda includes discussion of Interim Police Chief salary.

ATBM Wednesday,  April 4, 2007 at 8pm at Weston High School Auditorium draws fewer than 80 qualified voters. - the Town Meeting, which by Charter cannot increase the total of the budget, will decide on, among  many items separately on the Town side.  NOTE:  Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting Monday, March 26, 2007 covered two topics - in public, an explanation to the television viewers that the Board of Selectmen never wanted a $550,000 cut to the School Budget (as the Board of Finance made on a 4-3 votes Wednesday, March 21 "deliberations" session) and secondly, that the F.O.I. Commission gave the Selectmen the correct wording that would make an Executive Session to discuss the Police Commission/Chief matter NOT a violation of CT open meeting rules. 

Board of Finance Public Hearing Monday, March 19, 2007 at 8pm over by 8:30 (started 5 minutes late) on the FY'08 Budget (link to Town of Weston presentation early in the process) at the Weston Middle School Cafeteria..."Deliberation" meeting March 21 saw Board of Finance make a $550,000 cut to School Budget.  Special Town Meeting March 22 votes "YES" to roof-auditorium repair using funds from Question#3 of Referendum.

LWV of Weston's 16th annual "Speak Up 2007" Feb. 3 a success - record turn out (FORUM reported @100 in the audience, 25-30 on stage[HOUR]): read about it here
There will be a Special Town Meeting coming up Thursday, March 22 at Weston High School cafeteria - but there was a PUBLIC HEARING on March 8 at 7:30pm in Town Hall for questions about the upcoming Town Meeting subjects - moving funds from Question Three of th 2001 Referendum, to pay for old section of the high school roof, and use of surplus (@$1,000,000) to fund repair to W.H.S. Auditorium.  At this Public Hearing it was reported that bids had come in considerably lower than expected, and so no money from the general fund will be required to be expended.

Board of Selectmen discusses proposed Police Commission Traffic  Control Ordinance and tells the Police Commission to work on this more - "is an Ordinance really needed?" seems to be the consensus.  Board of Education "workshop" on budget FY07-08 begins on Town TV from Weston Library...budget process described and FY08 schedule here.
Board of Selectmen January 18, Feb. 1 - please note that the Monitor did the monitoring via television (thank you Town TV Channel 79) -  non-League reports here.

Board of Selectmen meets Thursday, November 16, 2006 and discusses, among other things, hiring a Land Use Director and reviews Valley Forge Bridge designs.  If it doesn't rain, the Lachat Advisory Committee walked the Juliana Lachat Preserve on Godfrey Road West at 10am Saturday, November 18, 2006  (rain day Sunday, November 19);  they will be accompanied by the Board of Selectmen...recommendations here;  December 7, 2006: discussion/decision to put in for $45,000 salary for part-time First Selectman, a raise from $27,500 2-0 vote in favor with First Selectman abstaining, Mr. Miller, having recommended $55,000.   Special Board of Selectmen (7:30pm, Meeting Rom) and then at 8pm, December 14 in the Commission Room, the Board of Finance. 

Board of Selectmen, Oct. 19, 2006 award to WVFD - thanks for helping Lacombe, LA! 

Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting at 5:30pm Thursday, August 17, 2006 set Thursday, September 7, 2006 at 7pm for "Public Hearing" on Martin Road-Hemlock Ridge emergency access;  also considered "Lachat Advisory Committee" status; sets Special Town Meetings Thursday, September 21st (beginning at 7pm) to approve new cell tower and name change for Commission for the Elderly - in Town Hall Commission Room.  Lachat Advisory Committee first "Public Hearing" September 12, Tuesday, in Weston Library at 7:30pm...second one Monday, September 25 same time and location.  Brief public meeting at 7pm prior to both in the same location.

Board of Selectmen, July 6, 2006 agenda includes Lachat discussion.  Board of Finance agenda Thursday, July 13, 2006, 8pm Town Hall Meeting Room includes special appropriation "$95,000 for Lachat."  Discussion/decision on Lachat Advisory Committee at July 20, 2006 meeting of the Board of Selectmen.  Regular Board of Selectmen, Thursday, August 3, 2006, 7:30pm, Town Hall Commission Room-2 executive sessions!  Democratic Party Primary results:  Lamont 52%, tight race between Mayors.  Weston goes for Lamont and Malloy...according to FORUM website.

How many Presidents, former Presidents, Vice Presidents and Board Members of the LWV of Weston attended Congressman Shays' meeting on May 7th?  A total of at least   five!  How many Democratic Town Committee Members?  "Speak Up" regulars?  Were there more RTC or DTC members present?  The FORUM editor came as did Channel 12 and Farrell Campaign videographer;  Board of Selectmen May 18 to accept gift for fireworks.  LWV meeting  June 14, 2006 in Weston Library asked:  "Lachat: what now?" and a panel discussion  including the Executive Director of Devil's Den, a neighbor, former Ad Hoc Committee member, a member of the Board of Selectmen and run by Town  Moderator came to no conclusion about Lachat;  at subsequent Board of Selectmen's meeting on June 15 the member who attended and was a member of the LWV panel reported to the full Board of Selectmen, urging rapid response...Board of Selectmen OK expenses already charged (not whole amount) at Special Meeting June 26.         

The buck stopped here...ATBM April 19, 2006 in the new cafeteria of Weston High School.  "Call" link (the published notice).   Non-LWV report here.  Lighting the varsity soccer field item before Selectmen May 4, 2006.

Link to non-LWV report which includes some documentation from Selectmen and Board of Education:
Board of Selectmen approve First Selectman's Budget, Capital Budget, Debt Service and Review Education Budget Thursday, February 2, 2006.  Board of Finance reviewed all of the above, completed by Wednesday, February 15, 2006.  NEXT budget process step...Board of Finance PUBLIC HEARING April 4 (and if necessary, 5th;  Board of Finance meets April 6th for cuts prior to ATBM April 19, 2006...).  Cut $220,000 from School Budget.

Conservation Commission eventually releases "C&D" on this property - PREVIOUSLY...special meeting Dec. 21, 2005 at 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room (beginning with Executive Session) dealth with this matter.  For more information, go to the Conservation Commission records of the special meeting noted above.

Emergency Planning discussed at LWV forum;  E-911 Meeting: at Town Hall  Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 1pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room.  November 17, 2005 Board of Selectmen included discussion with Planning and Zoning Commission of "8-24" reviews as compared to full application for Town of Weston projects:  history of how it came to pass that the Town of Weston was exempt from its own Zoning Regs.  P&Z wants Town to give up the exemption;  appointments made.  Tower at landfill - at Board of Selectmen Dec. 1 - to set Town Meeting for Dec. 15, 2005 - Special Town Meeting OK's second cell-tower.
Board of Selectmen January 19, 2006 did reappointments, acceptrf gift, approved increase for Warm Up Fund.

Board of Selectmen, September 15, 2005 - consideration of Katrina relief - Select Committee formed;  October 1, 2005 LWV of Weston sponsor's "open microphone" session (at Weston Library) entitled "What's Next For Weston" - back on the fence issue and the tree Town Meeting (Special Town Meeting).  Board of Selectmen, October 20, 2005 - police contract and Executive Session on McGinnis v. Town of Weston...more of the same November 3, 2005.  Discussion of moving some departments to the "Kinderland" building - Town Offices related to land use and engineering, perhaps...no significant public discussion held on this yet.

June 16, 2005 Regular Board of Selectmen established new Human Services organization, accepts resignation, made some appointments and reappointments; July 7, 2005 Regular Board of Selectmen meeting agenda;  Regular Board of Selectmen, July 21, 2005  DPH Morehouse agreement approved after executive session, additional funds for Police Commission to hire attorney in order to attempt to reach an agreement for a new contract (the first in 15 years!) Chief's Contract.   Board of Selectmen August 18, 2005, Town Hall Meeting Room - Public Hearing open and shut - no decisiontaken on the matter of Aquifer Protection Agency designation.  Broadwater presentation by Save the Sound - Board of Selectmen passes declaration opposing Broadwater.  Board of Selectmen appointments, policy Board selection for Aquifer Protection, Conservation fees and AFSCME negotiation strategy Sept. 1.

ClickHERE and see list of status of proposals before F.E.R.C.  Click on money to get the story on ATBM!!!
April 7, 2005 Regular Board of Selectmen -LNG in Long Island Sound (not Casco Bay) notes.ATBM April 13 takes 45 minutes to approve $54 million+.  Board of Selectmen approves new Insurance agent for employeebenefit brokerage service at April 21, 2005 meeting.  May 5, 2005 meeting discusses July4th, well monitoring at Morehouse Farm Park.  Find out what happened at a big Board of Selectmen meeting May 19, 2005.

November 8, 2004 Special Board of Selectmen:  "Deer Management Committee"appointed. Board of Selectmen, Nov. 18, 2004:  many reappointments made, driveway variance, discussion of Lachat Education-Conservation project contract - Hemlock Ridge neighbors' dispute still being negotiated so no action taken by Selectmen;  see notes from Board of Selectmen Dec. 16, 2004 for more.  Special Town Meeting, Thursday, January 20, 2005, 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room - call.  "Speak Up 2005" report...  Capital Budget, FY2005-2006 OK'd (2-1 vote on turf replacement fund) at March 23, 2005 Special Meeting.

August 19, 2004 Board of Selectmen - "dog days of summer" - "play ball" at new fields spells leash law treatment for Weston canines.  Bridge discussions and establishment of deer committee continue  October 7, 2004...along with other items, October 20 meeting, Board of Selectmen accepted gift of 27 trees without restrictions, as recommended by the School Building Committee Oct. 19.  VOTE TODAY, Nov. 2, 2004, 6am-8pm, W.M.S. - for CT Presidential, Senate and Congress 4th District, plus CT State Senate #26 & #28 plus CT House #135 - turnout close to best (highest %) and we were #1 in speed of sending in accurate numbers! - RESULTS IN 4th Congressional District.

May 12, 2004 School Building Committee:  update on construction.  Board of Selectmen Public Hearing May 27, 2004, 7:30-7:45pm, Town Hall Meeting Room on Tax Relief for the Elderly.  Cap established in this proposal of @$600,000 for abatement-deferral program.  Selectmen's Meeting immediately following the Public Hearing - notes.  Board of Selectmen OK changes to Tax Relief in split vote, June 3. Special Town Meeting set for June 17th at 8pm, Weston Library (reconvened at W.M.S. Cafeteria--crowd too large to fit in air-conditioned Weston Library Community Room [100 seated]) on Nature Center, buffer easement at Revson Field:  RESULTS were YES to nature center and a big NO to easement. July 1, 2004 Board of Selectmen:  First Night, resignations, insurance and 3rd firehouse--and policy for dogs in Town parks & property on agenda and discussed.  NOTE:  member of Westport RTM present to report on First Night, but added that their special committee on dogs and Town parks was interesting and might be glad to share experiences. AUGUST 4, 2004 Special Board of Selectmen viewed on the next day - see report here.

Board of Selectmen March 4, 2004, discuss a new way to perhaps earn revenue...and perhaps not!  Tax Collector reports on this new opportunity to add penalty to late car tax bills, other matters.  Speakerphone attendance discussed.  Special Board of Selectmen  Monday, March 29 at 6:30pm; March 30 Board of Finance PUBLIC HEARING on the FY2005 budget - 8pm, W.M.S. Cafeteria..."Deliberation" meant a $300,000 cut in Board of Education budget 2004-2005, return of funding for another police officer and cut of funding for Nature Conservancy/Town of Weston environmental education center at Lachat.  ATBM report...

February 7, 2004 Speak Up on time, on message, most civil.  School Vacation Feb. 16-20 (town emptied out for the week, no meetings):
"Speak Up 2004" - the 13th annual event - had many questions asked, many excellent answers given.  Thirty officials and 65 citizens present on threatening weather-forecast day.  Above, left, Chair. of Board of Education gives history of how, why and when school population forecasts shrank;  right, Chair. of Board of Finance Len Peterson expresses concern for the "under $100,00 per year income families" in Weston (34% according to U.S. Census 2000) as bond issue and furnishing new school all hit in next years.  He pointed out that local taxes take up to 10% of this group's annual income.  March 1. 2004 at P&Z: on Town TV officials explain how the map above right fits into the "8-24" process - 8-24 ONLY ABOUT PUTTING ON RECORD EASEMENTS PROTECTING THE TOWN OWNED WETLANDS (requiring a Special Town Meeting and thus the 8-24 report), not technical engineering detail.  According to FORUM report, P&Z put this matter "to bed" but quoted the Army Corps as saying something to the effect that "you never know" in Weston!

IN ADVANCE OF "SPEAK UP 2004" and unfolding of the FY05 budget...
Week of Jan. 12-16:  Board of Education conducted budget "workshops" on Town TV (from the Library).  Increase,after Board of Education cut Superintendent's proposal,  according to latest report in FORUM, is way under the original @6.9% for FY2005.  Now increase is under 5.9%.  Click on map of School Campus/Fields to get to the leading, if not the largest, item...no buildings can be given C.O.'s until treatment plant is up and running!  And no construction until all "I's" are dotted and ""T's" are crossed as regards...ARMY CORPS:
Special Town Meeting on snow date, January 29, 2004
Speaking of the Army Corps (Lewis and Clark logo), Special Town Meeting, it is reported, with no discussion (only standing count vote for secret ballot or not--'no' won, by 4 votes on this procedural matter) voted in favor, 70-56, of approval of granting easements (for protection of wetlands).  Click on frieze-like Army Corps presentation (above see crowd at August 13, 2003 Town Hall event) to get some background...

Week of Dec. 1-5, 2003;  at right, Town TV Channel shows Saturday, Dec. 20 Architectural Competition, Phase 2 (meeting 5 architectural firms--next step selecting only three--who will compete all January 2004 for design for a Middle School Performing Arts Center) - more photos HERE:
Architectural Competitions, described by consultant, Dec. 2 (for WMS Auditorium);  Juliana Lachat Preserve - masterplanning for Gateway(from previous meeting), Selectmen review plans and model, Dec. 4.  At the right, Town TV Channel broadcasts live the Dec. 20 all-day event PLUS Special Board of Selectmen 8:30am Sunday re-vote on appointment of Maria Kalivas to replace Barbara Ford on the Board of Education.  Vote is now 3-0.

Oath of Office ceremony November 10th:  The Board of Selectmen 2003-2005 is the same group as previously elected in 2001-2003.  Their first priority is completing the school construction project - perhaps on time and on budget.  Left to right:  Selectman Richard Miller, First Selectman Woody Bliss and Selectman Glenn Major.  Bids should be opened this week for school construction projects.

Board of Selectmen October 16th at 5pm and Woodland Coalition training session, 7pm;  Select Committee on Heady House.

Public Meetings, week of Oct 12-17; thru October 25:  Special Board of Selectmen (Mission Statement approved for Cemetery Committee); Woodland Coalition training session -   Co-Chair Robert Forrester chats prior to meeting; State Rep. Toni Boucher of Wilton addresses full house (along with Rep. Bob Duff of Norwalk, not shown).  Barbara Bernstein painting of autumn in Weston--"Wild West-on" is the Commission for the Arts exhibit currently on display in the Community Room.  Heady House Select Committee (3 members, terminates by February 2004) met Saturday AM before Board of Education debate.

Week of October 6-10, 2003:  School Building Committee;  Kiwanis Club address from Superintendent of Schools.

Building Committee:  Chair. signs O&G contract, bidding schedule discussion;  Superintendent of Schools reports at Kiwanis on what education system is doing (in addition to go-ahead on construction projects)...

NEWS ABOUT S.F.U. OK to go out to bid, water testing (quality) at school wells...Morehouse,

WWHD Director Judy Nelson states that wells tested in Morehouse Farm Park area no different from other areas around Weston.
Left to right, Judy Nelson, WWHD Director; John Conte (Town Engineer); Richard Miller, Selectman; Woody Bliss, First Selectman; and Glenn Major, Selectman.

Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting September 23, 2003...on Channel 79.

Special Board of Selectmen, September 23, 2003:  "Waiver " on Selectmen's Driveway Ordinance requested;  proposed changes to the Driveway Ordinance approved by Board of Selectmen to go to Public Hearing (date T.B.A.);  First Selectman briefs Board on progress to date on all four segments of the mammoth 345kV east-west lines - SO FAR, it looks as if the best, preferred route east-west does not touch Weston (on map above);  how many Westonites were watching the Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting at home in the comfort of their living room? (They certainly weren't watching in person!)

Week of September 15-20 - meetings observed...

Board of Education, Sept. 15 (6:30pm Executive Session, 7:30 Public Session): an Executive Session seems to begin every Board of Education Meeting (l) - this one in the Commission Room at Town Hall;  Superintendent Pierson addresses the Board;  introduction of new Facilities Manager;  members listen intently...while at the School Building Committee/Building Committee, September 17 three members who are architects go over final drawings prior to sending out of bid packages;  Observer Corps attends Kiwanis meeting Sept. 20 where Congressman Shays reports on Iraq and answers questions.

Tree Warden Public Hearing Monday, September 22, 2003 at 1pm in the Weston Town Hall Meeting Room...click HERE for more.

From the first week or so of September 2003...
SEPT. 4 meeting shown live on Channel 79 (Jason video guy); Commission for Children and Youth Chair. introduces student members at September 4 meeting - appointees for 2003-2004 questioned by Board of Selectmen;  Driveway Ordinance proposed changes discussed with Town Engineer;  "Ballot Lottery" conducted by Registrars of Voters observed by Weston LWV VOTER SERVICE CO-CHAIR.

Tree Warden Public Hearing, Tuesday at 10am, August 26, 2003:
Present to testify were the Project Manager for the Soccer Field improvements, the Conservation Officer - their testimony reported of the need for clearing the area around the synthetic surface of potential fallen tree branches (which would mar both surface and drainage system/guarantee);  the Assistant Fire Marshall and Fire Marshall spoke, reading the letter that requested the Public Hearing into the record, and refuting some facts in the previously mentioned letter.  The Hearing was closed around 10:15am, and the decision will be posted in the Town Clerk's Office when it is made.  NOTE:  Decision as posted in Town Clerk's Office ("School Road") here.

August 21, 2003 on Soccer, First Night 2004, and more.

Board of Selectmen August 21, 2003 Regular Meeting:  discussed lighting pole installation for new
soccer/lacrosse field, approved request for First Night funds - to go to Board of Finance - and hired
new Tax Assessor ("Know Your Town" link).  Link to further developments on lighting poles at right.

SPECIAL BOARD OF SELECTMEN, August 13, 2003, 6:30pm: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers visit to Weston for informational purposes...

OBSERVER CORPS REPORT:  The Power Point presentation by U.S. Army Corps (L) to frieze-like photo of collection of Westonites from neighborhoods affected by projects (seated in front of the West Point Doors/Laura Garden Frazier sculpture) plus interested citizens and Board of Education members (Center);  video team from Town Channel after big broadcast (THANKS GUYS!) showed it to entire community (R).

B O A R D   O F   S E L E C T M E N    P U B L I C    H E A R I N G  -   " P R O P O S E D   C H A R T E R   R E V I S I O N S "
7pm, Thursday, August 7, 2003, Town Hall Meeting Room - after brief Public Hearing, later in the Regular Board of Selectmen's meeting ("any other business") item added to the agenda with motion and vote to do so, to approve the recommendations of the Charter Revision Commission (and move on to the next step in the process...in order to have the vote taken on November 4, 2003).  Meeting on August 21, 2003 approves these changes after last reviews done by others.

C H A R T E R   R E V I S I O N   C O M M I S S I O N   R E S E A R C H  -  L I N K   T O   W E S T O N   T O W N   C H A R T E R

O N   T H E   R E C O R D :

S T A T E M E N T    O F    T H E     W E S T O N    L W V
To the Weston Charter Revision Commission
PUBLIC HEARING in Weston Town Hall Meeting Room, July 31, 2003, 7:30pm

Good evening.  I am Kathy Failla, President of the Weston League of Women Voters and I have been asked by my board to make the following statement at this Public Hearing.

First, the League of Women Voters would like to thank all the members of the Charter Revision Commission for volunteering their time and expertise.

Our Board believes that the Charter should be instrumental in encouraging an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive.
Our Town Meeting form of government is the purest form of democracy – one person, one vote.  At the Annual Town Budget Meeting, legislative power over the town’s proposed budget is invested in each and every qualified voter who attends and votes. This process is essential to making sure that our system of government works for all.

To that end, we support the proposed change to Section 2.2: which would extend the Annual Town Budget Meeting by one hour.  This change will enable citizens to more fully participate in the budget approval process.

With regard to the change proposed for Section 2.7, we agree that the number of required signatures petitioning should be increased. However, we disagree on the formula being proposed. The present Charter was drafted in the late 1970’s, when the U.S. Census showed a population for Weston of 7,417.  The most recent U.S. Census, taken in 2000, recorded 10,037 Westonites. Given this jump in population, an increase in the number of signatures petitioning is justified.

However, we are concerned with the proposed use of a percentage because it may have the effect of producing a moving target, which could make it difficult for citizens seeking to file petitions. Therefore, the League asks the commission to consider retaining the use of a set number, but increasing the figure. In the opinion of the League of Women Voters of Weston, some set number, perhaps 150 qualified Weston voters petitioning, would be the correct change for Section 2.7.

Thank you for your consideration.

(Below please find "Letter to Editor" of Weston FORUM from Weston LWV President)

To the Editor:

The League of Women Voters of Weston is a non-partisan political organization whose mission it is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in their government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy.  The league's men and women believe that informed citizens are key to effective government in a democracy.

One of the services we perform is the attendance of town meetings by the Observer Corps.  Past President Lucy Bowden attended Charter Revision Committee meeting last week.  Former First Selectwoman Helen Speck, a league members who was active in Weston until her recent move, sent a letter to the commission, which was included in the record.  At the Charter Revision Committee's public hearing on May 29, Past President Helen De Keijzer presented testimony in behalf of the league.  Before the committee concludes its work, we would like to share a few of the main points and to urge citizens to attend the committee's next meeting, on Thursday, June 26, 8pm.

The committee has been asked to focus on Town Charter section 2.7, which addresses an essential need for citizens to call into question and review important town decisions.  A clear mechanism for such citizen review is a crucial feature of our town charter.  Town legislators, i.e., eligible voters, must continue to have the power to ask that a town meeting be convened.  Too high a signature requirement may discourage voters from exercising their right to petition town government and could make the petition process ineffective.

To promote democracy and good governance, it is essential for the Charter Revision Commission to establish an appropriate balance between the right of citizens to call for a review of town government decisions and the town's need to check potential abuse of such a provision. Safeguarding an appropriate and effective balance of power is of the utmost importance.

To encourage voter participations at Weston's Annual Town Budget Meetings, we recommended consideration of charter revisions that would foster regular use of a means of private voting as well as more flexibility for voter participation.  Our local league position urges:

The committee will meet next on Thursday, June 26, at 8pm.  We encourage citizens to attend.

Weston League of Women Voters
June 23

Dear Weston League Members:

As you know the town is going through a revision of the Town Charter. The League is forming an Observer Corps to attend the meetings and report back to the board and membership. We want to stay up to date on their progress and recommendations so that we will be prepared to assist the voters in the fall understand any changes the commission recommends.

If you can spare a Thursday evening to attend and take notes, please contact  me or President Kathy Failla.  She will be glad to explain what you can do as an observer.

The next meeting is June 26 at 8PM. the meetings are usually held at Town Hall.  Hope you can help by volunteering an evening at one of these very interesting meetings.

Thanks, Lucy Bowden, Voter Service 

Charter Revision Commission: (left to right) Paul Audley (R), Lynda Hennessey (R), Ed Michl (R) - Chair., Carl Bernstein (D), Denise Massingale-Lamb (D).

PUBLIC HEARING July 31, 2003, 7:30pm, Town Hall Meeting Room
RESCHEDULED PUBLIC HEARING THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2003, 7:30PM, TOWN HALL MEETING ROOM...sparsely attended, but televised on Channel 79.
Few attended this Public Hearing.  Weston LWV President Kathy Failla read the Board's statement, three other comments made.

AGENDA for Meeting of July 10, 2003, Commission Room, 7:30pm (LWV monitor report)
1.  Approval of minutes/done
2.  Approval of Report to Board of Selectmen/done - 4-0 vote (final wording to be published for FORUM; notice on WEBsite and Channel 79 [?])
3.Approval of July 24 date for Public Hearing/see above - Thursday, July 24, time 7:30pm, place, Town Hall Meeting Room (notice mistakes by FORUM cause rescheduling).

AGENDA for Meeting of June 26, 2003, Commission Room, 8pm
1.  Approval of minutes/done
2.  Discussion of 4 year terms with Board of Selectmen
3.  Proposal of Chairman to limit scope of Commission work/done, on two (2) actions (SEC.2.2, SEC.2.7, themselves approved 5-0) by 3-2 vote
4.  Next meeting...July 10
(Meeting attended by three (3) Weston LWV members, observing)

AGENDA for Meeting of June 19, 2003, Commission Room, 7:30pm
1.  Approval of minutes/done
2.  Discussion of four-year term with Former First Selectmen/all who spoke (Hal Shupack, Dick Bochinski, Tom Aquilla, Devon Pfeifer) revere Town Meeting as it is;  almost all think salary should be raised fractionally (i.e. cost of living increase) but remain part-time job;  Tax Collector should have 4 year term;  time of ATBM could be made earlier;
3.  Proposal of Chairman to limit scope of Commission work/will debate this next week.
4.  Next meeting:

-Committee suggestion for agenda/time is short, ideas about role of Commission differ.
-Set date of Saturday, June 21, 2003, 9am/not possible--next meeting next week, Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 8pm start time--Agenda to include current office holders on Board of Selectmen.

At the June 12, 2003 Commission meeting, Registrars of Voters and the Town Clerk presented data on attendance/turnout at Town Meetings and Elections.  This Commission will be meeting weekly until mid-July.  Recommendations to the Town Clerk in August - Fall Public Hearings to be scheduled.  The following Sections of the 1979 Weston Town Charter are proposed for discussion:  2.2, 2.7, 5.3, 8.4 plus Article 7 (i.e. add Board of Ethics).  LinkHERE to on-line version of these sections, except for Article Seven.