"SPEAK UP 2012" held Sunday, Feb. 4 at Norfield Parish Hall - online now and to be shown on Town TV soon...
Moderator asked all members of Boards and Commissions not questioned to

Picture story  here;  Weston FORUM coverage of "Speak Up 2012" here for HUMVEE matter;  here for the rest of the topics..

SPEAK UP 2012 VIDEO LINKS:  Watch it now on your computer!  Beginning its run televised on Channel 79 on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012 at 4pm

1 hour 44 minutes 25 seconds

 For cable and dsl users:  http://www.lwvweston.org/LWVSpeakup2-4-12CableVersion.wmv  (272 MegaBytes)
 For dial-up modem users:  http://www.lwvweston.org/LWVSpeakup2-4-12ModemVersion.wmv (40 MegaBytes)

S P E A K    U P    2 0 1 2    P  H O T O    E S S A Y  

Modertor, Laura Smits;  those Town, Regional and State officials expected to attend who answered questions, link to photo and Observer Corps comment:



Hal Shupack, far left, front row, representing the Police Commission, responded after the Chief.

First out of the box was the Building Committee - reporting that there would be windows and doors replacement work at the Middle School this summer. (Watch for wetlands remediation, too.)


The very first question after the one to Building Committee chair. was a searching question regarding form of Regional Planning Organization.  This brought out differences between the Selectmen present.  Picture at right is out of chronological order, but the comment being made - don't judge an issue's importance to the community by attendance at meetings - was then applied to the issue of COG v. RPA.


It was clear that there is also not unanimity on the Board of Selectmen regarding how the decision about the Charter revision will treat the role of Town Meeting.  Always closely related, and again, out of order, Board of Ethics.


Front row(shown):  Police Chief Troxell, Selectman Tracey, First Selectwoman Weinstein


A very carefully phrased question relating to how we ended up with two HUMVEES.  And an excellent response.  The e-mail route of decision-making on the Police Commission lands them in the soup again.  What is public information and subject to FOI is something the Police Commission has yet to learn.


Spoke about jobs session, about overbearing mandates - but not without being asked to do so!  Did you know State tax refunds will be by debit card with MorganChase?  (That's how we think we heard it.)  CTNEWSJUNKIE article here.


The byword from the Superintendent of Schools.  Seated next to the Chair. of the Board of Finance (
who did not get a question.)


A plea for Weston to not turn into a bureaucratic mess (like Westport, from where the speaker at right had moved)


Question of First Selectman - what is the next step?  Answer (in a few words - by us):  A new committee.  Later, Planning and Zoning reported on new activity on Cobb's Mill Inn - they will have something to say, we expect, about Lachat eventually!


Conservation Chair. always comes and doesn't get question - he doesn't mind!

Chair. of the Library Board with lots of terrific news - recounts how storms actually brought people into the Library, utilizing communication tools there!!


Moderator made all the right decisions at this Speak Up.  And should be really, really pleased!

SPEAK-UP Over for this year.  What happened?  No complaints about money and taxes - buts lots of other stuff to talk about!

Weston Speaks Up: Humvee kerfuffle dominates conversation

Weston FORUM
Written by Laura Modlin
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 12:02

The League of Women Voters of Weston hosted the 21st annual Weston Speak Up event this past Saturday, Feb. 4. Westonites were invited to come and ask questions and make comments or suggestions about government or town issues.

In attendance to hear what people had to say and to respond were town officials, educators, committee and commission representatives and state legislators. (See related story on page one.)

The most contentious topic of the day was the ramifications of the acquisition of two Humvees by Police Chief John Troxell.

Included in the discussion was talk of an article that appeared in last week’s Weston Forum about a series of emails between the chief, First Selectman Gayle Weinstein and Police Commission Chairman Rick Phillips.

The article detailed a heated email exchange between the three parties subsequent to the chief’s acquiring two Humvees for use by the police department.

According to the emails, obtained by The Forum through a Freedom of Information request, the first selectman was angry with the chief for the acquisition because she believed it should have been discussed with her ahead of time.

The chief had notified the Police Commission members beforehand that he was traveling to upstate New York to look into the acquisition of a vehicle, but he acknowledged he did not notify the first selectman.

A week after the email exchange, the chief announced his retirement.

[Please read the rest of this article at the Weston FORUM website]

At Weston's Speak Up: Jobs, COGs and emergencies are on people's minds

Weston FORUM
Written by Laura Modlin
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 11:57

The 21st annual Speak Up event, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Weston on Saturday, Feb. 4, was not just about Humvees (see related story on page one).

Residents had other things on their minds, too. They took the opportunity to talk to the state senators present about job creation and education, and to local officials about matters around town.

Weston’s state Senators John McKinney (R-28th) and Toni Boucher (R-26th) were on-hand to answer questions.

Resident Barbara Roland asked what the state is doing to create jobs in Connecticut.

Senator Boucher said job creation is on everyone’s minds. She said as the country pulls out of the recession, the Northeast in general, and Connecticut specifically, lags behind.

She added that two bright spots of living in Connecticut are a high standard of education and quality of life.

But, she said, companies won’t be encouraged to operate in Connecticut if they don’t think they can make money.

To help address this issue, Senator Boucher has been supporting the elimination of Connecticut’s $250 Business Entity Tax (BET), among other initiatives. For now, the tax has been effectively cut in half by making it payable once every two years instead of each year.

Ms. Boucher said there is a lot of work to do to create jobs in Connecticut. “We have to take another look at real issues,” she said.

Senator McKinney said that in spite of disagreement between the governor and Republicans, they have come together and a jobs bill was mutually created and put into effect this past fall.

“We tried to focus on small businesses with under 50 employees,” he said.

[Please read the rest of this article at the Weston FORUM website]

RPA v. COG: The debate continues in Weston
Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 11:55

The Weston selectmen agree the town should decide for itself whether to change the structure of the regional planning organization to which it belongs. They don’t yet agree, though, what that decision should be; nor do they agree if it should be made by the Board of Selectmen or by a Town Meeting vote.

In an effort to inform the board and the public, First Selectman Gayle Weinstein made a presentation at last week’s Board of Selectmen’s meeting on the pros and cons of switching from the current regional planning association (RPA) structure to a council of governments (COG).

In an RPA, representatives appointed by each towns’ Planning and Zoning Commissions and Board of Selectmen (or its equivalent) make regional decisions with input from chief elected officials, who, as a municipal planning organization (MPO) are only responsible for transportation decisions.

In a COG, it’s the chief elected officials who have the decision making power, while P&Z representatives hold a strictly advisory role as members of a regional planning commission (RPC).

Ms. Weinstein has been upfront about the fact she is in favor of a switching the South Western Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA) to a COG.

SWRPA includes Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport, and Wilton. Five of the eight towns must vote in favor of a switch in order for a change to occur.

Ms. Weinstein said she believes the advantages of a COG include:

• Elected officials are directly involved in non-transportation discussions and decision making.

• It holds elected officials more responsible for regional decisions.

• It provides a stronger, more unified voice in the state legislature.

• It increases efficiency because the planning organization staff would only work for one group (the COG) instead of two (the RPA and the MPO).

Ms. Weinstein said she wants the public to be as informed as possible ...

[Please read the rest of this article at the Weston FORUM website]

Nappier: Debit Cards Will Save $290K
by Christine Stuart | Feb 1, 2012 5:30am

The state’s four year contract with JPMorgan Chase to issue income tax refunds using debt cards will purportedly cost the state about $25,000 a year, but it will save the state about $290,000 a year in administrative costs and bank fees.

An existing contract between JPMorgan Chase and the state was amended on Jan. 25 by state Treasurer Denise Nappier to allow the bank to manage direct deposits and the new debit cards. JPMorgan Chase in partnership with People’s United Bank was one of two bidders for the contract. Nine companies had initially expressed interest in the contract.

The written contract has a ceiling of up to $500,000 specifically for the addition of Revenue Services to the master contract, but Nappier’s staff said that’s just a formality of its internal contracting process with the Office of Policy and Management.

“This new contract, at an annual cost to the state of approximately $25,000, will yield estimated annual savings of $290,000 in administrative costs and bank fees,” Nappier said Tuesday in a press release.

The debit card concept is new for Connecticut taxpayers who are used to receiving their income tax refunds by check. Last year 45 percent of filers opted to receive their refunds by check. Those refunds will now be placed on debit cards, which has sparked some security concerns, despite statements to the contrary from Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan.

“Issuing tax refunds as debit cards provides a security and convenience not available with paper checks,“ Sullivan said Monday. “Couple that with the elimination of check cashing fees and the refund debit cards are a benefit for taxpayers and the state.”

[Please read the rest of this article at the CT NEWS JUNKIE website]

"Speak Up 2011" a grand success!!!

Totally full house of officials and S.R.O. of the people at the Community Room at the Weston Library...

LEAGUE VIDEO VERSION UP ON THE TOWN TV CHANNEL 79 - now playing daily at 10pm. 


LWV of Weston Speak Up 2011 - The Town's Business Is Your Business: Direction From the People to Their Government

Total time:  1 hr 33 mins 50 secs

For Cable & DSL Users (245 MB):  http://www.lwvweston.org/LWVSpeakup3-12-11CableVersion.wmv

For Dial-up Modem Users (36 MB):  http://www.lwvweston.org/LWVSpeakup3-12-11ModemVersion.wmv

PICTURE STORY:  The Library Community Room was...full of people from the community!  Standing room only.  Naturally, people needed encouragement to come up to the microphones.

And they took aim, or "A.I.M." at the Columbia University Teacher's College $350k project to update teaching in the system systemwide.

And then there is the size of the school budget, which many looked skepticle about...and how the Madison, CT system works;

The Cemetery Committee Chair. explained that there would be a Public Meeting on March 30 at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room, and the Planning and Zoning Chair and the First Selectperson were each asked to say what they thought about a non-denominational cemetery owned by the Town.  Another speaker asked for a more complete explanation of how a discussion of the Cemetery proposal would work re: ATBM...answer:  no discussion allowed at ATBM, since the item that appears on the Referendum has nothing to do with FY2012's budget.

Continuing on this subject and easing into Planning and how it relates to the needs of the Weston population now and in the future...
how is the Town Plan being implemented?  P&Z explains how they are going from Board to Board and trying to influence others.   How about the needs of the elderly?  How about walking and biking experiences?

State Senator and Representative answered a general question about Hartford;  Police Chief answered about shooting range use...

First Selectperson explains the Referendum questions, yet again.  Town Administrator answered to question about the condition of the roads after the winter.

So all in all it was a wide ranging Speak Up and one that, as mentioned by the First Selectperson, was better than she had expected (considering that it had had to be rescheduled). She credited the more “intimate” setting for putting people at ease.

From left, Selectman David Muller, First Selectman Gayle Weinstein, school board Chairman Phil Schaefer, Interim Superintendent John Reed, and finance board Chairman Mike O’Brien get ready to answer questions at last Saturday’s Speak Up. —Kimberly Donnelly photo

Weston Speak Up 2011: Townspeople get their say

Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 10:33

The people have spoken.

About 75 people filled the Community Room at the Weston Public Library last Saturday for the annual Weston Speak Up, sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Residents had the opportunity to direct questions and comments to approximately 20 representatives of local boards, commissions, and committees, as well as two state representatives who were present.

The mood at the open forum was often light and always respectful — Moderator Laura Smits urged participants at the beginning to “remember we are among friends and neighbors.” But people also spoke passionately and seriously about issues that matter most to them.

Topics raised by the 18 people who had an opportunity to make it to the microphones ranged from speeding on local streets, bicycle safety, building on town property, road maintenance, and target shooting at the rifle range, to lengthier discussions on a proposed town cemetery, a new education initiative (AIM), and the town and school budgets.

“It went very well, and the room was packed,” said First Selectman Gayle Weinstein, who said turnout for the event, which had been postponed from its usual time in February due to bad weather, was better than she had expected. She credited the more “intimate” setting for putting people at ease.

Stephan Grozinger

Mr. Grozinger said he does personally, and after speaking with members of the cemetery committee, he believes use of a portion of the property might be consistent with the Town Plan of Conservation and Development, as long as the committee can show it will not cost the town money in the long run. He said he does not believe town officials should remain neutral on the project.

[Please read the rest of this article at the Weston FORUM website]

Asking for clarification on why cemetery is not going to be discussed

Response on A.I.M .

Gayle Weinstein

dampens Weston’s chance to sound off at Speak Up
Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly
Thursday, 10 February 2011 00:00

Weston was ready to have its say at the League of Women Voters’ annual open public forum Speak Up last weekend, but Mother Nature had other plans.

The event, an exchange between the community and local and state officials, was scheduled for Saturday morning, at the same time that snow and freezing rain fell throughout the region. The organizers decided it was safer for people to remain off the roads, said Barbara Rowland of the Weston league.

However, a previously scheduled “snow date” the next day was not to be either, even though the weather had cleared up by then.

“It turned out we had not been given complete information about that day,” Ms. Rowland said.

In the fall, the league had asked Norfield Church, where Speak Up is traditionally held, to reserve the parish hall on Sunday at 2 for a snow date for Speak Up, Ms. Rowland said. She was told at that time that the church was holding its annual meeting that morning following church services, but it was her understanding the league could have the room after 2.

However, when she decided to cancel the Saturday gathering, Ms. Rowland said, she learned that in fact the annual meeting would be followed by board and committee meetings, election of chairmen, and a lunch. It was determined that with cleanup and having to reset the room with chairs and audio and video equipment, it would not be possible to have the room ready by 2.

“We had already published 2 as the time for the snow date, and we thought it would be too confusing for people to change it … and then there was the Super Bowl,” Ms. Rowland said.

[Please read the rest of this article at the Weston FORUM website]

COMING NEXT SATURDAY, FEB. 5, 2011 AT 10:30AM...Norfield Parish Hall

SPEAK UP 2010!

The event, Norfield's the place...Speak Up 2010 moderator Paula Savignol, Sustainability Committee (formerly Global Warming Committee) Chair. Martin Strasmore spoke.

The crowd showed up even after threats of severe weather.  Up until two hours before it started, there was the possibility of cancellation - but the storm didn't snow on the Weston LWV's "parade."  The cameras rolled, donut holes and water materialized and the show went on!  Last year's moderator, Dr. Dan Gilbert, now a member of the Board of Selectmen, offered his comments.


The first question, and the second as well, involved long range strategic planning in relation to schools and finances.  Then came education advocates, some new to the area, who spoke eloquently of their hope that our schools could be elevated from their already excellent status to the top tier of achievement ("gold" rather than our "silver") for all schools in the country, as determined by a Newsweek magazine survey.  Followed by some additional support for education (but with an eye to the pocketbook), and then some other thoughts.  A reminder that many, many in the population moved here, had kids, stayed, and want to remain!  The next citizen reported that she had a H.S.A. on her job, which was mentioned in support of the Town's initiatives to help control employee health insurance costs via H.S.A.'s.  She stated that she had come from abroad many years ago, raised a family and now her grandchild, in Weston.  The next speaker commented on the vital role older citizens, who do not have children in the school system, play in supporting the school budget.  Another member of the Board of Selectmen offered his thoughts in the form of a question - do Westonites feel  it is essential to maintain the nearly total residential nature of the town?


Board of Finance Chair. Mike O'Brien and School Superintendent Jerry Belair fielded challenging and thoughtful questions on how Weston's future education services might be delivered...and how to pay for them;  Les Wolf (not pictured here) of the Board of Education reminded all that public discussion of union contract negotiations is not a good idea and can actually be counter-productive.  He then asked state legislators who were on stage for a report on what's up in Hartford.  State Senators McKinney and Boucher, and State Representative Stripp, provided valuable insight.  The new Town Plan was addressed by P&Z Chair. Stephan Grozinger -- what is the schedule and how might citizens have input?  Answer:  Soon, and the text in the draft will be open to revision and changes.  The process of Public Hearing and then presentation to the Board of Selectmen was described briefly.  The Weston-Westport Health District entertained probing questions about the swine flu vaccination program. As is customary, the First Selectperson holds the mic and passes it around.  Gayle Weinstein followed in former First Selectman Woody Bliss' style and did admirably distributing questions to others.  After listening to Ms. Weinstein, Senator McKinney invited Weston's First Selectperson and other officials to come to Hartford to make the case for small towns!

Her first Speak Up complete, First Selectperson Weinstein thanks the public and the League and especially the moderator, who did such a fine job!

WATCH 'SPEAK UP 2010' NOW!!!  (Works best with Internet Explorer)

http://www.lwvweston.org/LWVSpeakup2-6-10ModemVersion.wmv  (38 megaBytes)
http://www.lwvweston.org/LWVSpeakup2-6-10CableVersion.wmv  (256 megaBytes)
Length:  1 hour 41 minutes 32 seconds

Speak Up 2010 Saturday all over...
Who*about two dozen officials on stage (Registrars of Voters in the audience) and official count from replaying the raw tape - 100 residents in the audience
Westonites made statements, asked questions and those on stage gave answers, had a few laughs and were reminded of the seriousness of the present economic conditions as compared to others in the past.
When (can you watch it online):
video by the end of the week plus dvd in Library then, too.
Norfield worked out great again, especially new plugs for sound.
people want to ask and share their opinions and officials want to listen and it always helps to try to bridge the differences among the generations.
with 2 audience microphones so no long lines!

League kept order, remembering that this is supposed to be the peoples' meeting.  Moderator made sure that responses were brief and a maximum number of questions could be asked in the 90 minutes. 

2010 hot button:
  No more unfunded mandates.  With gusto, from EVERYBODY whether on stage or in the audience.

These pictures above illustrate the interests of Westonites in 2010:  respect, money (and the economy) and what's up with the Town Plan.
  1. 'Speak Up' #19 on Saturday, February 6, went on as planned - excellent turnout (100 in the audience despite storm threats), good questions...P&Z got two questions, and the last question re: the American flag and its treatment, may yet get the Town's attention and desired action...we'll see!
  2. What did the people of Weston want to do?  They wanted to engage in more long range discussion than in recent years.  It started off as a debate of where we might be headed in the future (further than five years out), with the suggestion of considering a broad community planning process for this discussion:  for example, with the school population shrinking again, was there a need for building re-use?
  3. No one complained that there are not enough stores of various kinds in Weston, nor complained that they had to go to far away Westport or Wilton to do big shopping.   No one mentioned shopping on the Internet, but perhaps the Legislators might have had they not been needed to explain where the State of CT was headed.
  4. CT is no longer the wealthiest, second wealthiest...of  highest income states, according to one Legislator.  When the subject of unfunded mandates came up, the whole room reacted to more of these...negatively.  Unemployment peaked at @6% in Weston (lower now) in the early Fall.
  5. The Flag:  Last question about the Town treatment of the official flag - First Selectperson promised to make corrections in policy;  speaker then went on to comment that everyone in the audience had to stand up, so those on stage should show respect and stand up too.
* = Who was on stage?  See below for a list (all of whom stood up at the moderator's request, when they self-identified at the very beginning);  not all on stage responded to audience questions, but those who did and stood up to speak are in red.  It looked to us as if those in the back row uniformly stood up so they could be seen.  Our State Legislators stood to make longer statements.
B A C K   R O W
Sustainibility Committee
Martin Strasmore
Board of Ethics Arne DeKeijzer
W-W Health District Mark Cooper
Historic District Commission  Lynn Langlois
Building Committee Don Gary
Conservation Commission  Ed Schwarz
ZBA Cloudy Snaith
Commission for the Arts Christine Lomuscio
Parks and Recreation Dave Juneau
Library Board Amy Sanborn
Town Engineer John Conte

F R O N T    R O W
Legislators: Senator McKinney, Senator Toni Boucher, Representative Stripp
Planning and Zoning Stephan Grozinger
Board of Education Chair Phil Schaefer
Superintendent of Schools Jerry Belair
Selectman David Muller
First Selectperson Gayle Weinstein
Selectman Dan Gilbert
Police Chief John Troxell
Board of Finance Mike O'Brien

Police Commission Hal Shupack

Publicity and work to make Speak Up 2010 a success...

Step One:  reserve Norfield for the first Saturday in February
Step Two: 
invite the office-holders
Step Three:  get a moderator
Step Four:  PR...
Step Five:  Do the no-snow dance - and it worked!

Last year, Speak Up 2009...

Former President Pat Heifetz opens the meeting, officials introduce themselves (new Police Chief Troxell);  first question on reval - First Selectman Bliss answered that one...and then the fiscal crisis and how the budget, including the school budget, relates to it went on for 10 speakers (answers from Board of Finance Chair. Mike O'Brien and Superintendent of Schools Belair); suspend binding arbitration, perhaps, asks one Westonite;  Moderator's closing reminds all of the Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009 P&Z workshop on the Town Plan (W.H.S. cafeteria, 7:30-9:30pm).

The League of Women Voters of Weston...Speak Up 2009! (The Town's Business Is Your Business:  Direction From the People to Their Government)
A REALLY BIG SHOW THIS YEAR...ON THE ECONOMY AND HOW WE ARE ALL SUFFERING AND MANY, MANY POINTED QUESTIONS ON TAXES AND THE SCHOOL BUDGET;  More than 200 residents attended, the microphones worked, and our moderator was super!


Cable/DSL version:



LWV of Weston SPEAK UP 2009 notes:  more than 200 in audience at Norfield Church Parish Hall

Q&A:  18 questions/statements total, 14 on the economy, 10 of which were directly noted to be school-budget related, 4 general;  other:  reassessment, flag procedure, need for cemetery and air traffic.  In the order that these questions werer asked:

1.    Reval:  how come assessment went up if nothing was done?
2.    Class size:  if it increrases, families will leave town.
3.    Taxes:  if taxes increase, no one will move here.
4.    School budget:  how about zero increase?  Questioned budget approach. (Superintendant of Schools and Vice-Chair. of the Board of Education answered;  Chair. of the Board of Finance as well - pointed out that the suggestion was the approach that had been taken.)
5.    School budget:  zero increase or people will have to move.
6.    School budget: "arrogance of denial" by administration to financial crisis.
7.    School budget:  other towns are cutting down on school expenses - can we?
8.    School budget:  what would it take to get to zero increase?  (Superintendent of Schools explained the 2.62% increase - which might go down when insurance contract bids come in - is only 0.3% for school program [$900k for insurance at present or estimated prices and $100k or more from reduced special education aid rate.)
9.    School budget:  supporter of schools says maybe the time is right to take another look at class size?
10.  School budget:  philosophic remark.
11.  Schools:  contract negotiations-binding arbitration question:  (Legislators responded, short version, "not likely.")
12.  Budget general:  time for "Weston first" programs only?
13.  Flag:  it still flies 24/7 with no light at night been asking for three years);  no one seems to care.
14.  Financial melt down:  general observation of loss of wealth.
15.  Cemetery:  will we ever get one in town?  (First Selectman responds that he hasn't been able to find enough volunteers for yet another try at this - asks if the questioner would care to join...)
16.  FAA-air traffic-noise:  what's happening?  (First Selectman reports that 13 towns are employing the 2nd best attorney to fight the FAA - first best attorney taken by FAA - New York politicians are pushing the flyover routes in our direction, but recently the FAA officials in charge of that agency have been removed because of their bias...)
17.  Economy:  what will happen when there is  hyper inflation (after all the bail-out $$ kicks in)?  No answer.
18.  Economy:  needs v. wants - example of Food Pantry user increase.

CLOSING STATEMENT:  Moderator ends the meeting quoting Jefferson.  NOTE:  More discussion of where Weston is headed to take place, in a land use arena, on Feb. 26, 2009 (a Thursday) from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at Weston High School careteria.

Dan Gilbert will moderate Weston Speak Up       
Weston FORUM
Thursday, January 22, 2009 

A face familiar to many Westonites, Dan Gilbert will be behind the podium at Norfield’s Parish Hall on Saturday, Feb. 7, from 10:30 until noon, moderating this year’s Speak Up, hosted by the League of Women Voters of Weston.

In his professional life, Dr. Gilbert retired from General Electric Corporation 2003, where he served as a consultant to GE’s corporate staff and their many different businesses, in the area of employee compensation for its non-executive workforce. He had been with the company since 1986, when GE merged with RCA, where he was the director of salary administration. 

Dr. Gilbert holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Penn State University, an MBA from the University of Scranton, a master’s degree in personnel psychology from Columbia University, and a doctorate in educational psychology from Fordham University, where he also served as a member of Fordham’s Educational Psychology Advisory Board. His broad expertise in the area of compensation and labor relations has also led to chairmanships on numerous professional advisory boards, as well as speaking engagements at national compensation conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

He has contributed articles to several professional trade journals, including ACA Journal, The Journal of Compensation and Benefits, and the Compensation and Benefits Review, and has served as a reviewer for the American Compensation Association and the American Management Association.

[Please read the rest of this article at the Weston FORUM website]

In case anyone was not aware of 'Speak Up 2009' the League posted its sign on the Onion Bar

Moderator Clem Malin;  FAA came first, then zoning enforcement on Georgetown Road...lots on school start times, some on traffic control, explanation of "Teen Talk" at W.H.S. and a pitch for Global consciousness.

LAST YEAR (2008)...
"SPEAK UP 2008" video online!  WATCH "SPEAK UP 2008" HERE
An original LWV of Weston exercise in open government - first program in 1992!  On-line reports of earlier programs here.

(Note that that these files are very large.  They are best viewed in Internet Explorer.  Other browser programs, such as Firefox, may download the entire program before beginning playback, which could take a long time)

To view "Speak Up 2008"

Please  Click Here For The Modem (Dial Up) Version

Please  Click Here For The Cable/DSL Version

"Speak Up 2008"...Saturday, February 9, 2008, 10:30am - 12 noon plus a bit, at Norfield Parish Hall;  League moderator, refreshments and a chance to let your elected and appointed representatives know what's on your mind for 2008!  And they did!  League event gets high marks from new resident, who says that he never saw this kind of open dialogue in all the years he had lived in a nearby Westchester suburb!!!  Chair. of Commission for the Arts gives high marks to "whoever  thought of the microphones in the audience" - League accepts all compliments, as our fundraising appeal is for items just like this!

Before "Speak Up" our publicity said...

How did the newspapers perceive the issues of interest at "Speak Up 2008?"
The Westport News came out Wednesday, Feb. 13 with their report - no longer on-line, but you may read it here.
The Weston FORUM came out today, Feb. 14 with their report - link here.

"Speak Up 2007"

Weston's 16th annual "Speak Up" was held on February  3, 2007.  If you missed it, and your computer is of recent vintage, you can watch it here!  Or you can go to the Weston Public Library, and borrow a DVD or VHS copy.

When you click on one of the links below, and if you have a Windows-based computer, the video should automatically start downloading and playing in the Windows Media Player program.  After the download has completed, as indicated by the progress bar near the bottom of the Windows Media Player screen, you will be able to skip around to any part of the video.  The complete video is 98 minutes long.

If you have an Apple computer, and don't already have Windows Media Player installed on it, you can download the Apple version of Windows Media Player at www.microsoft.com.

To view "Speak Up 2007"

(Note that these files are very large)

Please  Click Here For The Modem (Dial-Up) Version (37 megaBytes)

Please  Click Here For The Cable/DSL Version (247 megaBytes)

"Speak Up 2006"

Weston's 15th annual "Speak Up" was held on February  4, 2006.  If you missed it, and your computer is of recent vintage, you can watch it here!  Or you can go to the Weston Public Library, and borrow a DVD or VHS copy.

When you click on one of the links below, and if you have a Windows-based computer, the video should automatically start downloading and playing in the Windows Media Player program.  After the download has completed, as indicated by the progress bar near the bottom of the Windows Media Player screen, you will be able to skip around to any part of the video.  The complete video is 95 minutes long.

If you have an Apple computer, and don't already have Windows Media Player installed on it, you can download the Apple version of Windows Media Player at www.microsoft.com.

To view "Speak Up 2006"

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YRS 2004 and 2005 reported on here.