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2012 LWVCT Council
Hamden Clarion Hotel and Suites
June 2, 2012

2012 LWVCT Council:  Highlight of P.I. TEAM & More...

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On time, Council 2012 began with coffee and breakfast - amazing how Leaguers get to their destination even in really wet weather!

President Cheryl Dunson opens Council, relates animatedly how exciting and successful the year has been...League shining the light on issues!

Did we have a quorum?

Did we ever!  This was the best Council I've been to!!!  Every seat taken and more chairs had to be put out for those who got caught in downpour...

Business first!  Parliamentarian and Budget update first...

Robert's Rules prevailed and we got good news on the budget - our Public Issues funding request has not fallen on deaf ears!  And another quorum call...

Quality Integrated Education position got an update, now to be called "Quality Education"

A position that is aging (1991) got a language update, although there is still no specialist to lobby for about the member in aqua who asked a question?

Death Penalty specialist honored with "Action" award.  FEC, FCC and IRS questions answered.

This part of Council was videotaped: Watch the story of Death Penalty bill, Education Reform and more!

More members honored for long service to League...and Board Members depart...

Those who have served long and those who are moving on to new concentrations (i.e. observing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) got symbolic gifts...

And we thanked them all and then got down to cases: 

Praise for the LWVCT Board and good wishes for getting to first base at National Convention;  new LWVCT Board and Education Fund members. 

How are we going to ever get LWVUS to set budgets that recognize the importance of Local and State Leagues (as membership totals drop) and not just as cash cows for National?  Good luck LWVCT at LWVUS Convention!!!

Rousing send off from Connecticut Fund for the Environment to LWVCT to go get'm!!!