L E A G U E    D E B  A T E S   O C T .  2 7 ,  2 0 0 7    V I D E O    H E R E
TOP:  LWV symbol; 220 years young, Weston Connecticut readies for another local election; SEEC 2007 rules...see the Town Hall Meeting Room (r. above) and the audience (?). VOTE November 6th!  BOTTOM:  The second debate, Board of Selectmen candidates get into issue of Revson Field;  Voter Service Director Lucy Bowden visibly relieved that the debates ended with everyone satisfied - and Moderator Jean Rabinow, Esq., looks happy, too!


Let the swearing begin!  For full set of pictures, click here:

League of Women Voters of Weston, CT Bulletin
Local Election:
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
"Unaffiliateds" largest group of voters registered in Weston...latest registration numbers in table here.

L W V   O F   W E S T O N   V O T E R S   G U I D E   2 0 0 7 :  many voters brought it with them to the polls!!!
Guide to Local Elections
Click here to find out exactly how voting in elections works in Weston!

It is important to recognize elected officials - even if they run unopposed for office - they still are supposed to be serving you, the Weston voter! 

CLICK   here to see election results (numbers) and photos of the 27 candidates on the 2007 ballot...plus write-in, from a non-LWV of Weston source!

Did new electronic voting machines change Election Night?  Just as big a wait, but without the drama!

Who's running for which office? 

Selectman, First  - Woody Bliss - 1444

Selectman - W. Glenn Major - 1222

Tax Collector - Charity Nichols
Town Clerk - Donna Anastasia - 2123 - highest vote total, individual candidate!

Board of Finance:  Patrice P. Kopas - 1577

Board of Finance: Richard D. Nichols - 1415

Board of Education:  Ellen H. Uzenoff, Leslie L. Wolf
Board of Assessment Appeals - Susan Seath
Planning and Zoning Commission: Katheryn H. Gregory, Donald L. Saltzman
Zoning Board of Appeals - Richard B. Wolf, Caroline A. Armbrust Mulcahey
Police Commission - William J. Brady, Jess DiPasquale


Selectman, First - Gayle Weinstein - 1212

WestportNow photo
Selectman - Steve Ezzes - 1040

Board of Finance - Michael O'Brien -

Board of Finance
- Melissa Koller - 1564

Board of Education - Phil Schaefer, Dana Levin
Planning and Zoning - Jane Connolly
Zoning Board of Appeals - Bob Gardner
Zoning Board of Appeals (Alternate) - Harriette Heller
Police Commission - Beth Gralnick, John Hammerslough


Selectman -
James Maggio
- 454
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Some entry level questions you might have about the particulars of the Local Election 2007 might be:
  1. How many registered voters, in which Parties in Weston, are there? How many TOTAL registered voters are there in Weston? ANSWER HERE.
  2. Which Boards and Commissions have how many spots open?  Trick question!  It all depends on the definition of "spots open!"  See the Town Charter.
  3. What other positions are up for election?  Unopposed - Town Clerk and Tax Collector!
  4. There are contested elections for Boards of Selectmen and Finance this year. When will there be debates?  The League is working on this right now! 
  5. Which is the Majority Party in Weston as of July 2007?  See relatively recent registration history here.

First steps in the election process are for Political Parties, according to their bylaws (which are not identical), to interview candidates - especially for offices that will be on the ballot!  Second step was to actually nominate at a PARTY CAUCUSAt this time, the Town Clerk is working with the Office of the Secretary of the State to make up the ballot document with its rows and columns properly aligned. 

Government Guide contains the answers to the basic question about how Weston works. 

The Town Charter offers answers as well, indicating in Article Five (5) the composition of each elective Board or Commission - no Party can have a more than one-vote plurality; for example, four (4) members of a seven member Board can be from the same Political Party.

Preparation and paperwork: the State Elections Enforcement Commission ("SEEC") is the source of answers to many questions about how elections are run in Connecticut.  Campaign Finance
Reform measures enacteed in CT since the last local election put new duties on campaign treasurers - click here for info on one-day SEEC course for treasurers (as posted in the Town Clerk's Office).

Forms to file for candidate, Party and finance disclosure statement (long and short forms):

History:  The most recent local elections...
E - Voters Guide to Weston Elections

The 2005 Candidates for all Offices
Click here for 2005 deadline information re: write-in candidates...
The E - Voters Guide 2003...

Please remember that everything on the Internet and this webpage, is not official.

ANSWER:  Source - Weston Town Clerk Voter Registration Summary: August 13, 2003; July 22, 2005 - July 17, 2007.

"Voter Registration Summary" Total Voters
Source: Weston Town Clerk
As of July 17, 2007 - 5917 (including 12 'other')
As of  March 23, 2007 - 6093 (including 11 'other')
2298 1941
As of August 1, 2006 - 5899 (" " ")
1927 1705
As of  June 2, 2006 - 5876 (" " ")
2267 1935 1662
As of  February 21, 2006 - 6055 (including 9 'other')
2324 2005 1717
As of November 7, 2005 - 6046 (" " ")
2325 2003 1709
As of November 1, 2005 - 6052 (" " ")
2326 2007 1710
As of  July 22, 2005 - 6046 (" " ")
As of August 13, 2003 - 6044 (including 6 'other')