CT STATE SENATE 28TH DISTRICT:  What did the two contenders for the 28th District Senate seat propose last Session in the lower House?  Rep. FawcettRep. Hwang.
LWV OF  WESTON, CT  DEBATE  IN THE  WESTON  LIBRARY:    OCT. 11, 2014,  10:30 AM - 12 NOON  

LWV of Weston research page, prepared in advance of:   Kim Fawcett (D) v. Tony Hwang (R) "One-on-One Debate for the 28th"

:  Research in progress.
Are you curious about the candidates’ personal history?  Kim Fawcett, Democrat;  Tony Hwang, Republican.

Compare data about their education, and how they got involved in elective politics... 

Kim Fawcett, Democrat; 
Tony Hwang, Republican.

Are you wondering what the two candidates have accomplished in their years representing different parts of Fairfield in the legislature’s lower “House” in Hartford?  Why not use this as one of the questions you might ask at the debate (i.e.  "What have you accomplished that you are proudest of?  What legislative action taken in you terms of office have made the biggest difference for your constituents?")

What particular areas of interest have they focused on during this past Session?  Our own research ongoing, reviewing the C.G.A. links to committees and their minutes as well as Legislative notes from Public Hearings on bills they proposed.

What Committees were they assigned to this Session
Rep.  Hwang's legislative website the source:
"State Rep. Tony Hwang serves the 134th General Assembly District of Fairfield and Trumbull. He is a member of the legislature's committees on Insurance and Public Safety and serves as Ranking Member of the Government Administrations and Elections Committee."

Rep. Fawcett's legislative website the source: 
"...I will continue with my committee leadership positions and role as an Assistant Majority Leader. I will be serving as both Chair of the Transportation Bonding subcommittee of the Finance Committee and Vice Chair of the Children's Committee. Both jobs will involve intense oversight of the money you send to Hartford and an opportunity to be a voice for our children and families."

What and how many bills have they introduced this Session (all research from C.G.A. website)?  Fawcett - 31;  Hwang - 36.

How many bills were Co-introduced by both?  Ten (10).  

What were they about

Did any become law?  Yes.

Were they radically changed along the way ("'strike all' and replace")?  Some were.

Did they end up in the Omnibus Bill, or in the Implementer Bill (hundreds of pages) at the end of the Session? 
We are continuing to review the C.G.A. website for the answer.

After initial review at C.G.A. website:
House Bills:  Committee where initially raised - link to history of bills that passed and were signed into law.  Or not?  We are checking Omnibus bill and Implementer...
5029 Raised in Higher Ed
5078:  Common Core - did not get out of the Education Committee
5113:  Raised in Higher Ed
5400:  Died on the calendar, but we are checking if it got traction as part of another bill or in the Implementer.
  Raised in Education - this is an example of a "strike all" bill.  Or almost all!  New rules to be written in new Section 2:  "(c) The State Board of Education, in consultation with the Commissioner of Public Health, shall adopt regulations, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54 of the general statutes, determined to be necessary by the board to carry out the provisions of this section."
5562:  Raised in Education - AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE OFFICE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD, EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CONCERNING DYSLEXIA AND SPECIAL EDUCATION. This bill creates the position of Commissioner of the Office of Early Childhood Education to substitute for the scattered responsibility among several separate departments (see the changes to the proposed bill here.Sec. 4:  "The commissioner shall have the authority to designate any employee as his or her agent to exercise all or part of the authority, powers and duties of the commissioner in his or her absence. Said office shall be within the Department of Education for administrative purposes..."
Senate Bills:
2Energy & Technology - AN ACT CONCERNING ELECTRIC CUSTOMER CONSUMER PROTECTION, radically altered, or made specific, after public input.
126 : No action taken - AN ACT CONCERNING CHILDREN'S EXPOSURE TO CHEMICALS.  We will check further into the Implementer bill...
312 ? Environment - AN ACT CONCERNING A LONG ISLAND SOUND RESOURCE AND USE INVENTORY AND A LONG ISLAND SOUND BLUE PLAN...might be in the hundreds of pages of the Implementer - we're checking!


ALL PROPOSED BILLS (Source - C.G.A. website). 

Kim Fawcet
t:  http://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/CGABillStatus/CGAMemberBills.asp?dist_code=%27133%27&dist_name=133%20-%20Fawcett,%20Kim
Tony Hwanghttp://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/CGABillStatus/CGAMemberBills.asp?dist_code=%27134%27&dist_name=134%20-%20Hwang,%20Tony

Legislative Experience (from C.G.A. website)
Here you can find almost anything about what the candidates did in the immediate past Legislative Session PLUS links to CT State Statutes, all legislation proposed during the Session and detailed information about it, as well as Public Hearing minutes by Joint Committee and much, much more.

For your convenience, go direct to background info of each candidate from their respective Party sites linked to on the C.G.A. site, click below:

Both candidates have served for multiple years in the House:  Fawcett since 2006 and Hwang since 2008.  Educational background below.

Kim Fawcett's education and background:

Tony Hwang's education and background:

Hwang graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in labor relations and organizational behavior in 1987, worked briefly in corporate with United Technologies and then entered the executive search business, ultimately founding his own company recruiting technology executives. For the past twelve years, he has been involved in residential real estate, currently with Coldwell Banker. - See more at: http://tonyhwang.org/about-tony-hwang/#sthash.Rq67CNfE.dpuf
Source:  Google:  The campaign website addresses of both candidates for the CT Senate 28th District.  They are:  http://www.kimfawcett.com/  and  http://tonyhwang.org/