28th Annual "The Town's Business Is Your Business:  Direction From the People To Their Government"
Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the Weston Library Community Room

Standing room only at the Weston Library Community Room.  The people ask questions, officials answer.  "Play-By-Play" summary of questions link.


Note:  For best viewing quality click the gear-shaped icon that will appear near
the lower right corner of the video window when the video starts to play, and
under "Quality" select "1080p."  Also, if you wish, click the square icon that is
nearby at the lower right corner to play the video full screen.

One early question on more traffic control at Fern Valley Road.  Meet and greet at Speak ("bark") Up 2019 - woof!
  Watch the video and hear it all for yourself!
  1.    Town Plan (when does the public get to get involved) - answer: April 6th "charrette"  
  2.    State-wide property tax?
  3.    Coyotes a problem, what are we doing? 
  4.    Traffic control...Police Chief answered - q&a above.
  5.    Weston finances...its tax base?
  6.    Weston finances...legislation taking away car tax revenue?
  7.    Regionalizing schools?
  8.    Early voting/absentee voting?
  9.    CT downloading teacher retirement onto towns?
  10.    No complaining on school budget in citizen survey because sample over-weighted?  Seniors and empty-nesters undercounted?
  11.    What is happening to the arts in W.P.S.?
  12.    How do we keep the municipal ship afloat if State "shares" its debt with towns?
  13.    News of 2019 Kiwanis Reservoir Run (October) and Dog Jamboree (September), 2019!!!  WOOF!!!
  14.    Death panels?
  15.    Legalize marijuana?