2015 LWVCT Education Fund Fall Conference, Click Here for the Program Including Curricula Vitae of the Speakers

V O T I N G    F R A U D  /  V O T I N G    S U P P R E S S I O N :  M Y T H S   A N D   R E A L I T I E S
November 7, 2015
at the University of Connecticut School of Law
Starr Hall - Moot Court Classroom #2
Hartford, CT

A complete video of the Conference (2 hours 24 minutes) may be watched just below.
DVDs will also be available via the LWVCT Office.

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2015 LWVCT Education Fund Fall Conference, Click Here for the Program Including Curricula Vitae of the Speakers
V O T I N G    F R A U D  /   V O T I N G    S U P P R E S S I O N :  M Y T H S   A N D   R E A L I T I E S


So who was in charge of ordering up the glorious weather?
  Could it have been the same LWV people who developed the partnership for this Conference
with the University of Connecticut's outstanding Law School, and its American Constitution Society?

One of the things the League of Women Voters does is start their events on time.
Moderator Carole Mulready of the Greater Hartford LWV presided (after Anita Peters instructed audience members having smart phones on how to respond interactively to what they were hearing...).  Who said the LWV isn't with it when it comes to technology?  After this initial tech check, the program began...


Real data on our subject:  How to do a study that is legit.  First define the question.  Then do the research and analysis!  (Data in slide at right not part of her research.)
Distinguished first speaker...Erin O'Brien, Associate Professor and Chair. of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts, UMass, Boston reviewed the findings of her published work in this field (left).

Intellects on display - awesome panel!!!  The unfortunate ineffectiveness of Campaign Finance reform, and "dark money" influence on campaigns and candidates...noted by speaker (r).
Why do you think off-year and odd-numbered year election cycles were discussed extensively?  After many years of efforts intended to make it easier for elections to be administered and for people to vote in them, thus encouraging higher percentage turnouts, the panel seemed to be saying that those using the convenience of "early voting" and "no fault" absentee rules...were those who usually vote anyway!  My own take on what they said was that the poor and the less well educated vote if they can see results of folks paying attention to them once they are elected...this is what I concluded - not the opinion of anybody else!

University of Connecticut Law School
In the Moot Court Classroom #2 there is video and audio capability and a sound booth that may control systems remotely.

Note audience members taking notes, and questions submitted for Q&A being reviewed...


University of Connecticut Law School students in attendance!
And wait a minute - hold the 'phone!!!  "Voting fraud, voting suppression" as a topic seems to have brought out those who really, really care about elections - and we heard one attendee say she was glad to hear about the impacts of various "improvements" that have been made over the years, and how maybe the Legislature should revisit centralizing power over elections in some respects!

Congratulations to our President!
That's the LWVCT President, seated front row (l)!!!  And Vice-President (c) and others who worked so hard to pull off TWO Fall Conferences on this primo issue for League!!!